12 Birthstone of Zodiac Signs

12 Birthstone of Zodiac Signs

Birthstones in the study of sidereal astrology are the object on earth that carries a huge amount of cosmic energy. These stones hold a power that can alter certain effects put forward by several consequences in life. It is segmented that only the birthstones assigned to the individual astrologically can assist them in purifying their soul to have a forthcoming filled with wisdom. They are aligned to their Zodiac, their birth date and time of time. These birthstones also work for healing our minds from any past paranoias or traumas. Some of these stones are Ruby, Bloodstone, Aquamarine, Moonstone, Emerald, etc. It depends on the individual whether their soul can carry an energetic precious stone or a semi-precious stone will do.



Ancient history documents Aries to be under the birthstone diamond and all the Aries born should consider themselves fortunate to be born under such a precious yet powerful noble stone. Because of Aries’s highly ambitious nature and there enthusiasm for striving into every project they are involved they can also face a lot of obstacles firstly because of their impatient impulsive nature secondly the social envy they receive so considering a diamond to be always touched to their skin can help them in eliminating the malefic jinx of others. The diamond also helps in clarifying doubts and dilemmas they are facing about a big decision hence clearing the path. 

EXPECT: To have a willingness to hold the birthstone before you buy the stone.

DON’T EXPECT: To have an effect regarding the birthstone if you are a skeptic.



Because of Taurus’s highly materialistic nature, it is determined that they would never mind owning an expensive gemstone in the name of a birthstone especially when their birthstone Emerald. Their love for luxury is depicted in the subtle nature of the birthstone. They also spend their hard work earned money. Holding this gemstone against their skin will assure them an organized expenditure so that they get the strength within their soul to save. Though being fond of good things is not all bad but it has its own cons, this gemstone also helps in controlling certain temptations and helps a Taurus to connect with their spiritual self and hence make them value meaningful emotions and experiences.

EXPECT: To give away some of your material attachments

DON’T EXPECT: The Emerald to be a form of another material you boast about you have to spiritually attach to the stone.



Gemini is considered the most versatile Zodiac of all time because of its accepting nature and adjustment through every situation. Sometimes they can be overwhelmed with all the responsibilities they are burdened with because of their no complain policy but Geminis do love it. Ruled by the celestial object Moon needless to say it is no surprise that their birthstone is Pearl which represents the serene and luminescent nature of the moon. It is particularly the moon-shaped pearl which is the finest and precious stone found in the depths of the ocean. Gemini’s are often taken advantage of their subtle innocent nature; this pearl can allow them to impart some wisdom to themselves and learn certain aspects of life and safeguard themselves from certain situations.

EXPECT: To learn a lot about human nature through the pearl.

DON’T EXPECT: To not be disappointed with the sudden reality check.



Cancer has got its elegance from its planet associated with it and the elegance is also highly depicted in its birthstone Ruby, equally expensive and ancient wearing ruby can help you connect with your inner soul. The influence of ruby can not only help cancer to read other people’s energy but also affect them in many grounds. Wearing a Ruby can provide confidence to a shy Cancer and help them to voice their opinions and ideas in the professional ground and also help them socialize with the crowd. With the assistance of Ruby, they can be safeguarded from the anxiety they face when it comes to being extrovert. Ruby can also eliminate obstacles from a Cancer’s professional and personal life.

EXPECT: To aid your shyness when you wish to speak.

DON’T EXPECT: For Ruby to work if you are wearing it just for designing your attire and fashion purpose.



For the fiery sign, Leo associated by none other than sun their gemstone is none other than the precious Sardonyx. Leos are very powerful Zodiac and they can be fierce, extremely influential and authoritarian when it comes to leading a project they are representing. Leos have a very competitive nature and sometimes this can rub people the wrong way as they can be misinterpreted as people with attitude issues and bossy. The gemstone can assist Leos in concealing their true nature with patience and work on their opinion secretly. In short, it can help them learn the true meaning of “action speaks louder than words.” It can also help them contribute their passion in the right direction by showing them the way.

EXPECT: An anger control by attaching the gemstone to your skin.

DON’T EXPECT: For the gemstone to work if you are a sceptic.



Virgos are extremely practical and though they love planning their day ahead they won’t fall in a trap of disappointment when something doesn’t go according to plan because they are practical enough to acknowledge it and let it go. Sapphire is the gemstone related to Virgo and it is also one of the finest gemstone desires by people all around the world. Wearing a sapphire can be beneficial in many factors it can assist them to be the perfectionist in the work they strive for or at least give them a mental satisfaction with every project they complete. They also become very observant and can also detect people’s personalities as they connect to the intuitions of their soul in a deeper way.

EXPECT: Virgos are worried and anxious about perfecting everything they do so a sapphire can help them get peace of mind by satisfying them.

DON’T EXPECT: To not be disappointed when you see the true intentions of people towards you.



When talked about Libra it is difficult to not mention the beauty and elegance the zodiac possesses and this brings us to the gemstone that associates the sun-sign; Opals. Opals are gorgeous gemstone who has a unique trait of being found in several colors.  Libras are very creative and fond of art and aesthetic and that is what attracts the zodiac towards their gemstone because of its exquisite design. Libra’s like to keep every factor in their life balanced and bias and being attached to their gemstone can help them believe in the justice of every aspect. Libras also have to consider that everyone’s thoughts won’t match them so this gemstone can help them in judging the situation by considering everyone’s opinion. It can also protect a naïve Libra from people having a tendency to wrong to them.

EXPECT: To understand certain aspects of life with perspective and not justice.

DON’T EXPECT: To everyone be good as you have expected after wearing the stone and understand things better.



Scorpio is like the rebel and the black sheep among the water sign they have excellent intuition and it is highly suggested that you don’t end up on the wrong side of a Scorpio as their vindictive nature and they can have a poisonous sting of revenge. They are not the villain of the story they are just passionate about their intentions and it necessarily doesn’t involve them hurting the other individual but striving to a limit of excellence to make the other person envious towards them. The scorpion’s gemstone is Topaz, this birthstone is related to love and affection that can minimize the vindictive nature of the zodiac. If a Topaz is attached to a Scorpio, they also get a boost of intelligence and intellect which can give them the strength to do it all alone but it also assists them in seeing other people’s perspectives.

EXPECT: To start doing things for yourself and not to throw ego and pride on others.

DON’T EXPECT: To do it all your way and others not have an opinion.



This very curious sun-sign is very adventurous and can always put their foot forward for any kind of activity when it's new and exciting. Though they are welcoming and socially accepted they cannot help but strive for being the winner all the time and sometimes this can lead to them distancing themselves with people for their ego and pride. The birthstone associated with Sagittarius Zircon helps to bring peace of mind cutting through the competitiveness also helps them gain prosperity to eliminate the monetary issues in their life. The best part is they can be ensembled as any part of jewelry.

EXPECT: To socialize more with being attached to your birthstone as you are more connected to their soul.

DON’T EXPECT: To gain prosperity through wrong means and temptations just because your skin is attached to the stone.



Capricorn should consider themselves lucky as the year begins with them. People are making new resolutions and promise to make their life more meaningful and provide more clarity. The gemstone associated with Capricorns is Garnet which helps in maintaining the wilful, focused nature of the Zodiac. It helps them eliminate the obstacles they will be facing when it comes to accepting the new challenges that they are always up for. Sometimes Capricorn can feel a little fatigued from all the work and the gemstone helps in boosting the energy and under the influence of the stone Capricorns can reach their potential very quickly.

EXPECT: To accept new challenges with a good amount of enthusiasm

DON’T EXPECT: To not finish the project you are taking responsibility for.



The birthstone associated with Aquarius has an ancient story behind it. Legend says that the beautiful color of Aquarians birthstone Amethyst is from the tears of the god of wine, Dionysus. That is where the beautiful and subtle lavender shade of the gemstone comes from. Attaching the stone with the skin of an Aquarius helps to connect them with their soul hence helping them to brim creative ideas that can fuel their passion to be philosophical and change the world attitude. It helps them strive towards their revolutionary thinking by diminishing some of their obstacles.

EXPECT: It can help them originate good ideas for their future plans

DON’T EXPECT: To impulsively work on every idea out of excitement the stone will help you have patience.



Considering the story of Pisces being related to water it is common to expect its birthstone to be something related to water and something that can be extracted from the depth of the ocean. The gemstone Aquamarine not only connects Pisces to their serene inner self. Pisces are sensitive, intuitive and compassionate and can sometimes get lost between two worlds, the reality, and the fantasy world. This stone can help them bridge the gap by understanding the practicality of the real world but at the same time keep a little fairy tale along to maintain the positivity in life.

EXPECT: To get a mild reality check before starting any sought of work

DON’T EXPECT: To not be disappointed in the beginning when logic overshadows fantasy.