11 Facts About Leo

11 Facts About Leo

Born between July 23 and August 22, Leo is a Fire Sign ruled by the Sun, thus are fiery personalities. Just like the Sun that remains fixed and never goes into retrograde, Leo’s are known for their stability and consistency, and most possess a fixed set of traits.


Represented by the zodiac symbol of Lion, Leo individuals are dynamic, strong, ambitious, and confident. Their ruling planet, the Sun, makes them highly optimistic and passionate personalities. They love being the center of attraction and they have the power to light up the room just by their presence.


No doubt they leave people wondering what it is about their vibe that everyone is so attracted to them. Well, Astrology has all the answers.

Let us get to know about these incredible individuals even better.

Leo’s are Born to Lead

The Affirmation used for the Leo Zodiac natives is I Will. These individuals are born with a sense of purpose, and it comes very naturally to them to take the driver’s seat and lead the way. 


They automatically find themselves in situations where they need to step up and take leadership positions without even trying. Life does that to everyone. It pushes you out of your cocoon so that you can shine bright with the gifts that are given to you.


Confident, determined, and generous, there’s a regal aura to their personality that can attract people to them and their ideas. They can easily gather a group of people around them and guide them to follow.


They love to be in the spotlight, and just their presence can inspire and motivate people in positive ways. With all the attention and popularity, the Leo individuals know that with great power comes great responsibility.


Hence it becomes really important for them to not get too swayed by them, and surround themselves with close friends who can keep them grounded. Also it becomes essential that they don’t forget their true purpose, and keep tapping to their inner guidance so that they don’t lose control.

Leo’s have a Heart of Gold

Leo’s are extremely kind and generous with a heart of gold. They are very possessive and protective of their loved ones, and love to express and shower their love to them in abundance. It can be in the form of gifts, surprises or warm gestures, but they make sure that their loved ones know that they love them.


They feel a responsibility towards them, and would go to great lengths to keep their loved ones happy. Be it their time, money or attention, they will give everything to them generously without giving a second thought.


Their warm-heartedness is one of the main reasons why they are loved by so many people.

Leo’s are Full of Life

Playful and Cheerful, Leo individuals are full of life and there’s nothing like a dull or boring moment with them. Their friends have a great time with them, and they are always up for sudden trips and parties. It’s always fun to be around them.


Adventurers at heart, they frequently feel the need to spend some time alone to relax and take a break from all the hustle-bustle of their lives. They always have something to keep their friends and themselves entertained all the time.


They are very optimistic personalities who don't get easily bogged down by the problems they face, and instead of moaning about them, they always look at the positive side of every situation.


Highly Ambitious, Leo’s are the Go Getter’s

High ambitions coupled with strong determination and willingness to work hard, Leo’s are here to make it big. Persevering and consistent, no obstacle or doubt can stop them from achieving what they want to achieve in their lives.


There’s no justification for failure or lethargy in their dictionaries, and once they set their eyes on one goal, they are pretty much unstoppable, and will do whatever it takes and they have in their power and capacity to reach there.


Even in the face of adversity, these fearless lions wouldn’t give up and run away from their troubles. They stand strong and face them head-on. Optimistic by nature they always see the brighter side of the picture and will grow and mature from every experience and obstacle, coming out stronger and wiser.


This determination and dedication can make them stubborn at times. They will do things their own way and wouldn’t listen to anyone or any suggestion. It’s an important and vital lesson for them to learn that it’s okay sometimes to take help and advice as too much work and pressure can drain their energies to the point of exhaustion. 


Leo’s are the living epitome of Loyalty

Leo’s are one of the most loyal zodiacs you’ll ever meet. These are the people who if they ever make you a promise, will never ever break it and stick to it forever. Once they form a deep bond with you, then they are ally’s for life.


Their friends, lovers and loved ones hold a lot of importance in their lives, and they remain very dedicated to the relationship they share with them. They’ll put their heart and soul to it and remain loyal to them for life.


No doubt they are considered the most trustworthy, a reliable and go-to person among their circles.

Leo’s are your Guardian Angels

Although they have a big circle of close friends and acquaintances, they genuinely care about each of them and are possessive and fiercely protective about them. Just like the Lions who protect and nurture their whole tribe, Leo’s sense a natural desire to take care of their loved ones.


If you have a Leo in your life in the form of a sibling, friend or lover, you’ll know what we are talking about here. They’ll do everything in their capacities to keep you happy and safe. They are your guardian angels.


As being a strong and brave personality, they often feel responsible for the protection of their closed ones. Some thugs bullying you, worried about your exams, scared to propose that special one, whatever the situation may be, Leo’s always got your back.


They’ll go at great lengths to solve your troubles so that you never get to worry about anything. They make really good friends and lovers, and everyone around them ends up adoring them to the core of their hearts.

Leo’s are Social Butterflies

Leo’s are extremely social individuals who love to interact with new people and friends. Their humor, warmth and charisma naturally draw a huge crowd to them, and they love entertaining them.


Jokes, stories, anecdotes, mimicry, ask anything and they always have something to keep you laughing and smiling.


They are always up for any kind of event, gathering, or party and usually are the heart and soul of it. People love them for who they are, and the energy they radiate.

Leo’s like to keep it Real and Honest

If you want real and honest feedback about anything, Leo’s are your person to go to. Leo’s are extremely honest and will never be afraid of giving direct and straightforward opinions and suggestions. They will keep it real and raw, and they really don’t care about what others would think about them.


Straightforward blunt and true in their words, people often flock to them when they need to hear the real truth. They’ll never lie to impress you or make you happy, and one does need one such person in their lives to show you your reality and bring you back to your senses.


They possess very strong intuition and are adept in the judgement of a character. They know what’s going in someone’s mind and wouldn’t mind from telling you what you’ve been hiding beneath that facade.


Leo’s are very vocal and clear about what their thoughts and opinions are, and what they need, and wouldn’t waste time on unnecessary discussions. They aren’t the mind games type person as they don’t have time for it, and you better be honest and clear about your thoughts in front of them.

Leo’s can get Furious, and you don’t want to mess up with them

And you better not mess up with these Lions as they can turn fiery and aggressive. Their open-heartedness and generosity can sometimes attract people who aren’t worthy of deserving this. Kind and trustworthy, people can often use that to their advantage for their personal gains.


Breaking of trust and disloyalty can break Leo’s heart and disappoint them to the core. And they aren’t the forgiving types. Once you show your true colors to them, you better get ready to face their fiery side.


Leo’s can turn very aggressive and arrogant when putting up a fight and can create a lot of drama and gather crowds around it. It’s better to apologize and be sorry for your behavior at the beginning itself otherwise things can get nasty.


They are very protective of their close and loved ones. It would be better if you think twice before mistreating them in any way as you would have to face these iron pillars like Leo’s before hurting and causing trouble to them.

Leo’s love being in Love

Underneath their strong and fiery personality, they have an emotional and sensitive side to them as well. At the core of their heart, there’s a deep desire and craving for being adored and loved by the people they love.

They love being in Love and are very romantic by nature. Although they don’t fall in love that easy. But once they do, they fall hard. They will give all their heart and soul to this person and love them to the core.

Just like the other aspects of their life, Leo’s share the same passion and determination for their relationships as well. They would want the world to know what they feel for you, and buy you big presents, surprise you and would make grand gestures to tell you how much important you are to them.

The relationship will never get boring and dull with Leo’s as they will keep exploring new things to experience with you, keep you on toes and try their best to keep things exciting and fun.

They are very expressive and can get creative and theatrical when it comes to showing their romantic feelings for you. Leo’s don’t shy away from telling what they truly feel inside, and are considered one of the best partners one can ever have.

Leo’s are lovers of Limelight and Attention

Leo’s have a deep desire to be the center of attention wherever they go and love being in the limelight everywhere. They're innate ability to lead the crowd, and their charm and confidence naturally attracts people to them like bees to honey.

These individuals are talented performers and entertainers and can light up an entire room with their brightness and high energies. People enjoy being around them and they radiate a very positive and happy vibe.

Leo’s are aware of the responsibility that comes with so much attention, and in a way is a medium for them to reach their desired goals and deep ambitions so that they can serve the purpose which they are born to do.


Even among the crowds, they know who are the ones whom they can trust blindly and who genuinely wants the best for them, and they don’t take them for granted. They keep their loved ones and acquaintances close and guarded to themselves.

Leo individuals are born to do big and great things, and they are cosmically gifted and equipped to achieve great heights. Their experiences teach and guide them important lessons so that they can uncover their true potentials and make use of their powers in the service of a greater good. Once they realize their truth and their abilities, every force in the universe will help and support them to do the work that they are supposed to do here on the earth.