10 Eminent Personalities Born Under The Zodiac Of Cancer

10 Eminent Personalities Born Under The Zodiac Of Cancer

The celebrities born between June 21- July 22 fall under the zodiac sign of Cancer. You are known to have motherly nature, related to work, and give care and attention. Many of you are hot and successful.

You want to be musicians, actors, and to be the canter of attraction. You are popular, a director Cameron Crowe, actor Kathy Bates, Malala Yousafzai, Nelson Mandela. You have a sense of tradition and entertaining friends and family with stories of ancestors.

You are emotional people and might move away when not in the mood. You share characteristics matching with most other Cancer celebrities.

● Tom Hanks (Thomas Jeffrey Hanks)-

He is a comedian and drama artist are born on July 9, 1956. Presently he is an American actor and filmmaker. He is one of the most popular and recognized artists in Hollywood. He is of age 62 with interests in television.

He talks positively and with respect. He is in demand to work with and is humble.

● Selena Gomez-

She is a Disney channel star born on July 22, 1992. She is also a popular vocalist with songs come and get it and slow down. She believes in humanity's work. Presently she is the highest goodwill ambassador. She always believes in giving and does not accept anything in return.

● Ariana Grande-

Being the most popular artist starting from nickelodeon she was born on June 26, 1993. She is the most famous vocalist and tops the chart with being a cultural icon. She is a vegan for this mission.

● Tom Cruise-

He has the same meaning as action and adventure. He is attracted to the industry for many years. He never failed to hold the attention of fans and talents.

He had a great struggle and a difficult time in childhood. Though he did not stop with the hardships. He had that determination that got him till this position.

He has a tag of selfish Hollywood star, though he did not let that affect him in any way. He was suffering from dyslexia in childhood. He took the problem into consideration and made it a reason for the change, a Cancers deed.

● Vin Diesel-

He is a helpful tough person for movies. He did not get into Hollywood straight away. After multiple application to roles at the start of the career, he got just a push. Though not most of them.

He wrote the scripts of films and directed them that gave him entry to Hollywood. He is not much into social works, yet donated money for hurricane sandy survivors. He is very polite and respects his co-workers.

● Diana, Princess of Wales-

She had and shows strong emotions and beliefs. She was very much concerned about humanity and a rebellious princess. She was born on July 9, 1956.

She argued and supported HIV/AIDS education and stand the ability to accept. People still praise for she was selfless and caring.

● Sylvester Stallone-

He is Rocky, the boxer who knew all the minute details of boxing. He covered the way of many other actors in the industry. He is a very much hard-working and dedicated offset.

He never had a fake image, he was always true to self. He is a legendary actor who will never fade off. He was born on July 6, 1946.

● Robin Williams-

He is always linked to as a comic star with his amazing acting and comedy. He always made others laugh and cared about them. He was always a master of television and movies. He was born on July 21, 1951.

● Nelson Mandela-

He was of a very iconic figure and a respectful person. He dedicated his life to the people who were in need.

He made it very clear being an example to young people what bringing a change is. He was full of courage and never give up on difficulties. He was a Novel Prize winner in 1993 and born on July 18, 1918.

● Helen Keller-

She had a severe disability and is the most recognized person. She faced all the worse situations and successfully became an advocate, scholar, and activist.

She was blind and deaf. She was taught to see beyond the situation and her limitations. She neglected the negative elements of life and moved forward.

You are a very blessed sign which has all the prestige to excel in life. Many artists and celebrities resembled you and the characters of a Cancer. One should relate and learn to see through it in life.