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Who We Are?

Here at Trusted Teller, we operate differently. Every report is custom made for the individual and manually created to give the best results possible. While many companies are using systems, API and computer-generated predictions - we recognize all individuals are unique and different and there is no one size fit’s all report. This means you receive the most accurate and detailed report possible to help reveal the hidden future and all that it brings.

One way we do this is by helping with love and relationships. These are a difficult but important journey and people deserve to have all the information they can. Our expert Vedic Astrologer will carefully go over readings to empower individuals in love, romance and relationships. This information will be custom for you and your situation so you can utilize it effectively to improve your circumstances. Enjoy peace of mind and empowerment today with this life changing report.

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Who is more romantic a man or a woman?

When we discuss about the science behind it, we see that the male attitude in our surroundings is much more romantic as they have a better sense of romance. According to the general reports, we know that men are emotionally aware towards their partner and they seem to prove a better one romantically. As they continue to approach and understand their partner and they score much better in terms of belief and trust towards their partner which can conclude of how much men can be romantic. Their approach and giving time to their relationship makes them worthy of their romance.

How do you know if a guy is serious about you?

Being serious within a relationship are full of multiple factors for a man which could prove his faithfulness towards his love. These reasons of him being serious are his complete trust within their partner which can tests their honesty and open behavior. During a proper communication a man is serious if they are keen to listen their partner's opinion towards different things they've discussed. Keeping his promises and wanting to greet and meet their partner's family and friends is a one step ahead towards their seriousness for love. Sharing passions with their woman is also a reason if they're serious.

Do men like romantic things?

When it comes to do romance with a guy, the answer is yes as they appreciate a romantic time along with their partner. The attention-seeking gesture is a romantic gesture for them to appreciate. Eye contact with a fluid conversation can make a man feel truly romantic. This proves of how these natural gestures define their romantic approach in making love. Having a conversation and planning out various things a woman will do like spending time and travelling together can make their partner feel romantic towards their relationship. These various factors which develop importance in them are romantic in the eyes of a man.

Is being romantic important?

Being romantic in a relationship is of extreme importance, without one being romantic in a relationship cannot express their emotions completely and rather could lead them towards a dull perspective. It's like a fuel which fires up the inner desires and lets a person care and love them with full importance. Their love/romance enhances their lives being connected with a partner acting like a duo developing faith within each other. Their multiple reasons for them to be romantic will develop the feelings far more than just a friendship which includes open behavior for each other and sharing time. These multiple reasons truly define that being romantic is important.

How can I surprise my man in bed?

Surprising a man in bed has various ways through which a person can make love by being with his partner's part of the daily schedule. A woman can surprise a man in bed by being his one and only alarm, making a wake-up call for his morning after spending the night with their loved ones. This will develop much affection towards their man. A man always appreciates a kiss from his partner in the early morning which can make him feel romantic towards you. Most of the times on special festive seasons a man would love to appreciate spend time at bed. Being romantic are the better ways to surprise.

How do you touch a guy?

Touching a guy romantically doesn't always means them to be physically attracted, but there is a love language which needs to be understand. Reaching out for your man or walking down the street while holding hands are quite a positive way to touch a guy. You can also give him cuddles and surprise him with kisses which will definitely increase the essence of love within your partner. Touching your partner at the back of his head will define the support you could give him, as he would feel better around your presence. According to these ways one can touch a guy much with care and love.

How can I romance my girlfriend without money?

Romancing with your girlfriend without a financial burden is more romantic than any other way. One can do several tasks which can develop immense love and would let them know your potential to outstand any situation. Reciting a poem or even singing/playing her favorite song could be a successful approach for one to romance with your girlfriend. Being her helping hand by cooking a romantic dinner which can surprise her & could make her feel romantic of your acts. These ways are essential where a person doesn't want a reason to make their girlfriend happy through money which could be the cheapest way to express romance.

How do I romance my wife in bed?

In order to strengthen your relationship with your wife there are multiple ways in which a husband can build a better stage for to romance with his wife in bed. As a mature approach towards it, one should go to bed at the same time every week which can develop much romance within each other. They also can read or share their days with each other on bed by having a conversation which could be the best way to romance. Holding her back in bed while going to bed can also turn out to be the romantic way for a person to express his emotions. These ways are how you can romance your wife in bed.

What makes a life with love worth living?

Love is the eternal feeling of life when it embraces the soulmate. With the soulmate, the world feels a better place to live in.

How does a man act when he's falling in love?

When a man is in love with someone, their body language changes accordingly which can be seen in them through various movements and gestures which can define the psychology behind it. He will move his hand over his chin in order to fix the way he looks; this psychology is generally wanting to look better. Other gestures are like when he tries to be quiet in front of his partner which generally lets her know the sign of love amongst themselves. There are a lot of more gestures and movements which a man tries to act unconditionally when he's in love.

How do you test a guy to see if he really loves you?

For a relationship or a man's love for the woman proves to be worthy through many points. Starting with the basic question of whether a man points out his feelings to her in many ways which determines the behavior of his true romance which can make one realize of his true nature. The amount of time if a man spends with his woman on a regular basis is also the most important point which can determine his true love for the woman. Their will to compromise and other small things can be noted to test a man of his true potential to love.

What is romance to a man?

Each man has a different perspective of how their romance is defined, there are multiple times when their love & romance towards their partner is a part of their show which includes their powerful approach through multiple gestures and acts which can define their true self and show their deep romance. Their ways to cherish partners multiple times through gestures like hugging and spending worthy time with their partner and asking them about their daily schedules can be termed for man to find romance within these personalities. This definition of romance by a man is the real reason towards their faith in love.

How does a woman romance a man?

When it comes to look through a woman's perspective it sounds way more different for a woman to totally express their romance as their expectations seems more of a personal arouses rather than thinking of being romantic as a whole. A woman always wants a partner who doesn't hold back as they like to romance a man through conversating and expects their partner to listen carefully and admire them. Their eye contact defines a genuine romantic behavior which can let them romance freely and provide various paths to be close to their partner. These ways a woman like to romance a man.

Is romance part of love?

Romance is a part of love but not a necessary piece for being in a part of a relationship, as Romance can't stand out without love. The coexistence of romance and love in a relationship could generate a good relationship. Romance being a part of love acts like a catalyst for their love to enhance and let their partners be serious about it. Romance can be present in a moment but the love is a fact which is in contact for a lifetime. This defines that romance is based on how a person feel, whereas love is how a person appreciates the expresses the act over these emotions.