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Who We Are?

Here at Trusted Teller, we operate differently. Every report is custom-made for the individual and manually created to give the best results possible. While many companies are using systems, API and computer-generated predictions - we recognize all individuals are unique and different and there is no one size fit’s all report. This means you receive the most accurate and detailed report possible to help reveal the hidden future and all that it brings.

One way we do this is by helping with love and relationships. This is a difficult but important journey and people deserve to have all the information they can. Our expert Vedic Astrologer will carefully go over readings to empower individuals in love, romance, and relationships. This information will be custom for you and your situation so you can utilize it effectively to improve your circumstances. Enjoy peace of mind and empowerment today with this life-changing report.

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What does love feel like for a woman?

For a woman, love is intimacy. The subject of the love that a woman wants for herself is togetherness. She wants this warm feeling of being in love with someone. There is equality of emotions and actions and there is always this maintenance of decorum in the personal space. So a woman in love, specifically values the personal space. She does not want an over inclusion of the world outside her. She requires closeness, sometimes cuddles, kisses, and wants to mean every part of it. Night spooning and first time hugs are always special for her, because of the sensitivity.

How do you know if you want to be with someone?

The feeling of love is many a times poles apart from the fact if you really ready to be with someone. A ‘live-in’ might always help. You need to set side priorities like career, money and home. If all of these fit in well with your partner, then you might be ready enough to be with them. There should be a homely attitude in your partner, who makes you want to come back home. There should be an equal amount of adventure too. There should be respect for the work that both of you do, both outside and at home.

How do you know if it is love?

If you even ask yourself this question, “Is this love?” it is love indeed. It is all the newness and the anticipation that is making you ask this question. You might have been afraid of falling in love but all the things that you battle each day to be with the person, from time management to saving money, it means you love them. You might be thinking about them in goodwill, you will focus more on their positive sides. You might be feeling a lot of tiny inconsistencies at the moment. You might be fluctuating in body temperature a lot during this time. You might be both physically and mindfully attracted to them.

What does love mean to a man?

For a man, there is no particular equality of actions and emotions. The thing is, all his life he may have worked really hard to have pleased someone, so he may have lost his balance. Men know how to feed upon, therefore love for them is to feed upon. They feed upon the emotions, the togetherness, the closeness, and feelings. They love to be acknowledged for the love, they love to be known as someone’s better half. A man always wanders about in search of home. So love means a home, a shelter or a refuge for any man.

How does a man show love?

A man in love is such a sight to behold. There are always some things which the men partake mostly. They love introducing their partners to their colleagues and friends. They will start with the territorial conquest of love, where they will start acknowledging that someone belongs to them completely and truly. They always love to be fed, and therefore they will feed on love, emotions and feelings, showing that they truly someone. They are more futuristic and will definitely show their commitment towards the future. He will start the righteous division of his time between his work and his partner.

What makes Love the beauty of any relationship?

Love is the elixir of a divine bond. It makes every moment of the life worthwhile and makes the world a beautiful place to live in.

What is love between a man and woman?

A love between a man and woman is the anticipation of the culmination of the feelings into a certain physicality; touch, kiss, hug, or sex. There is a lot of consideration between a man and woman in love, because opposite gender roles might have to deal with understanding for the role reversal and accepting the universality of the feeling. It is compromise and loyalty and trust. But at the end of the day love is a very pious feeling. It might help you return to your basics, and make you feel on cloud nine. You harness a feeling of belonging.

How do you know if you’re truly in love with someone?

A person’s aftertaste always decides if you truly love them. You might start thinking about them even if they are not around. You secretly act out in a way that you are being seen by them. There is certain degree of high that you would never want to let go off. You want equal shares of happiness for them. You might love their little gestures towards you, even if they are meagre. You do not actually attach yourself with pain as much. You would be mostly in a quirky mood otherwise but might get a little attention seeking for them.

How do you make someone fall in love with you?

If you come to think of it, it is love after all and not magic. Therefore a gradual way to the heart is all you need. Make steady eye contacts, to show that you are really into what they are saying. Show some interest in their personality and back story. Find similarities and complements. Try to give them some attention and do not always be the attention seeker. Make them feel acknowledged and appreciated in this world. Smiles and nudges work a lot in this favour. The most important thing is confessions, about what and how you feel about them.

How do you tell if someone really loves you?

It is hard to tell if someone really love you. A person in love with you will try to keep up with you every day and every moment. They will throw tantrums at you and would want your undivided attention. They will always try to smile at you, make positive advances and will give you eye contacts. They will try to remember every small gesture of your and every small details you might have said. They will also try to pay a lot of attention towards you. They will introduce you in their circle, family and in their future too.

What does love physically feel like?

Love is harsh upon the body most of the times. Funnily enough, all those things you would have heard in movies are true in record. Love gives you the tingles, the warm tiny explosions in your body when you are around the person of interest, when they touch or kiss, and even later when you are thinking about them. It might feel a lot more addictive, you might feel lost at times. Love will make you feel sleepless and anxious many a times. You might be practically talking to the person in your head, and would always be in waiting.