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Is karma the same as destiny?

Many people have this massive misconception over the meaning of karma and the destiny being same but it is completely different from what people thinks around. The destiny is related to the events that will necessarily happen in a person’s future no matter what. Whereas the law of karma diverges from the destiny and takes it one step further. The karma allows you through self effort to change the course of your future which is different from what is already fixed for you. Thus, the destiny is predefined and do not gives us any choice to make for ourselves whereas the karma offers us the choices.

Can karma change destiny?

Hinduism says that the people has the ability to make our future as nothing is set on a stone. Certainly we have actions from our past lives that brought us wherever we are today but its our actions today that determines where we are going to be in the future. The destiny of a person is fixed and the karmas of the past or the presents lives does not affect the destiny or the fate. The karma are the choices made for the future life but the destiny is predefined from one’s past life or by the deeds of the particular person in the past life. The destiny and the karma are connected but the karma can not change the destiny.

What is karma? How does it affects on our destiny?

The karma is the concept that comes to us from the east. This means that the karma is treated as the universal law of justice which says that every evil act will have circumstances for that perticular person in their later life eventually. The karma is not the fate but the good as well as the bad actions performed by some particular human being. It isn’t just physical, conscious or unconscious action but the intentional and willful action. The past karma effects the present predefined destiny since one can not change the past deeds but the present ones. Thus one need to live in present for a better destiny in their future life.

What is the real meaning of karma?

The karma is the concept that comes to us from the east. It is really popular in the buddha’s traditions and Indian yogi traditions. Many people do think that the things which they do or the acts that they perform are known as karma but it is not true. The karma is not the fate but the good as well as the bad actions performed by some particular human being. It isn’t just physical, conscious or unconscious action but the intentional and willful action. The issues in someone’s life is not just a coincidence as it is because of the karma of their soul, their ancestors or their environment.

How long is the bad karma?

Karma mean action irrespective of it’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. The bad karma is all the evil acts performed by the person within the consciousness of the four dimensions whereas the good karma is the kind acts performed by that person within the consciousness of the four dimensions. There is no such time period for the karma as it is all about the doings of a person. If a person has performed a lot of evil actions then they may have longer period for bad karma. It is also about the past life or the actions of the ascendents of that particular person as these are the parameters.

Does karma work in love?

Yes the karma does work in a particular love relation and known as the karmic relationship. Every relationship is a karmic relationship as a person is interacting with another soul. Usually these relationships are labeled to be the relationships that one encounters many times during incarnation. These relationships are strong because we have met those souls a lot of times that we feel a sense of family or a karmic pull towards them. The karmic relationships are largely experienced when we keep looking for love outside of ourselves without any healing. But on a soul level relationships are positive because even the negative is only the catalyst for growth.

How do i get rid off bad karma in past life?

Many people thinks that they are experiencing more negative things then they actually deserve them is because of their past life. These is a partial truth. As such if we look into deep meaning of karma then it is said that the karma depends upon the thoughts, words, evil acts as well kind acts. When a person is more likely to have all of these deeds collected in their soul, they will experience the karma. When it comes to the bad karma of past life, one needs to learn to forgive and let go of other’s mistakes, take responsibilities for what you have done, challenge your weaknesses, etc.

Can you reverse bad karma?

Karma is the results of your past as well as present actions and intents. Mastering the good actions is the key to have a meaningful and fulfilling life and having karma smile at you at the end. Though we can not always reverse karma as whatever you sow will always reap or in other words, whatever you do to the people will eventually give its results. But one can avoid bad karma by being kind and generous to people and creating a positive environment around them to reciprocate. This is why a person can build a good karma instead of the bad karma and it results in love, happiness and wealth. Though it may take time to revert back you actions but the karma always works.

What are the twelve laws of karma?

First - As you sow, so shall you reap (the great law). Second - You attract what you are, not what you want (law of creation). Third - What you resist, persist (law of humility). Fourth - Wherever you go, there you will be (law of growth). Fifth - Our lives are our own doings, nothing else (law of responsibility). Sixth - Everything you do is somehow connected (law of connection). Seventh - You can’t think of the two things at the same time (law of focus). Eighth - Demonstrating our selflessness shows true intensions (law of giving and hospitality). Ninth - One can not be present if they are looking backward or for that matter forward (law of presence). Tenth - Nothing in value is created without patient mindset (law of patience and reward)

What are the three types of karma?

Karma primarily means the actions done in accordance of one’s prescribed duties as mentioned in the revealed scriptures. In contract to the karma there is vikarma which refers to the contrary actions to the scriptures or the misuse of ones freedom. These severe karmic reactions leads to present as well as future life. Apart from these, there is akarma which refers to the activities that brings no reactions. This is the activity that frees one from the cycle of birth and death. Thus, the three types of karmas are sanchita, parabda and agami. Sanchita is about the past actions, parabda is about te present actions and the agami is about the future actions.

How do i make my karma better?

If you want you want you causes to have good effects then you need to intentionally take actions that will culminate in a positive result you desire. Most people often blame others for whatever is happening to them instead of taking the countability and striving to shape their own destinies. It is often our in ability to accept the struggles then to find the solution for that particular problem resulting into bad karma. Thus, one needs to accept the struggles or the problems that they made and then find the solution for it. Similarly, the positive thinking will buolt you a positive world and help you to let go and forgive the mistakes of others.

What makes Karma the biggest weapon of man kind?

Karma takes no revenges. You get what you give to life.

What determines destiny?

The destiny is the conditions which are predefined for a particular individual or by their will. It is related to the fixed order of the things that takes place in the lives of the people. The destiny is all about the meaning we give to the things in our lives can happen to us in our lives. Though the destiny is determines before the birth of a person but the true life things happen to us no matter what. Similarly, bad things also happens to the good people who are at that time living out their destiny. Though the destiny is chosen by the god but the meanings are determined by us.

What is karmic destiny?

As we all know that the karma is the cosmic law in the will of consciousness which is designed by the universe to help us evolve. But the chain of action and reaction of will go on forever. The karmis destiny goes on forever as the person lives and dies until they achieve the akarmic stage of the life. The akarmic stage states that the activities that brings no reactions will certainly give an end to the person. This is the activity that frees one from the cycle of birth and death. Thus, the people do not have the control over the change of their past deeds but do have the control over their present deeds to change their future destiny.

How does karma work in life?

Karma is the law that brings back the results of all the thoughts, words and actions to the person performing them. Any of the evil acts committed by the individual gets stored in their soul and the soul of the person they have harmed. After certain time when the karmic effects are full, they get resorted to the normal situations and affect the person how made evil choices. The karma doesn’t always works in an instance and many take time but what goes around, comes around too. The karma cyclic usually takes place in one life time but in rare cases people many have their earlier karmic cycle incomplete which is to be completed first.

Does karma comes back to you?

As said by the great Buddha “you harm yourself, as dust thrown against the wind comes back to the thrower”. This means that the karma can work as a boomerang as it always comes around. It is also said that the karma is treated as the universal law of justice which says that every evil act will have circumstances for that perticular person in their later life eventually. There are many laws of the karma but the important one in the law of justice. This law ensured the karmic cyclic of the particular human being in their particular life time as well as their earlier life time. Thus, this law of justice just evens themselves out naturally.

Does karma forgive?

The karma is not about the punishment or the rewards as many of the people thinks. It is more about cause and effect. The karma does forgive when people keeps restructuring their reality by improving good thoughts and choices which will lead to their inner growth and result in achieving all that they dream off. So our reality is the reflection of our own deed and we need to get more and more positive so that we do not create any more of the bad karma. Every single step or the choices made by the individual are connected to their past, present and future and so they need to be careful on making bad choices.