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Vikrant Jain|Vastu Shastr

Pandit Vikrant Jain Is an Astrologer and an expert for last 30 years. He has written various articles on national platforms such as Dainik Jagran, Amar Ujala, etc. His astrological predictions depend on an appropriate calculation and accuracy of Janampatra. He is a dynamic and multi-talented personality, working under this profession with full dedication and devotion. His family roots have provided astrological guidance from the last 78 years as his grandfather was a famous astrologer, who founded their office in the year 1942 and his father, Pandit Veer Chandra Jain, was an eminent astrologer himself. Being an Electronic Science post-graduate and also an Astrological and Vastu Post-graduate, his predictions for the astrological predictions are precise and full of accuracy. He predicts and writes his predictions in the primitive process of writing rather than using digital websites or platforms, which makes his prophecy even vivid and detailed. His clients are all over the world and they connect to him for lessons on planetary movements and developments. His motto is to serve the human race and benefit them from the astrological prospects. His knowledge of astrology has been projected to varied dimensions of interpretations. He also deals in Vastu, Palmistry, Numerology, and astrological consultations. Pandit Vikrant Jain is an internationally recommended Astrological Professional and signifies a strong threshold in the world of astrology and supernatural science.

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