Which Zodiac Represents which food?


Aries are the Energy house of the Zodiacs. They are crazy about junk foods that is anything that can be cooked quickly without consuming much time. They can literally stand in the kitchen until the food is cooked and served to them. They are crazy about breakfast, spices, starters and appetizers.

All-time favourite: Eggs, Asparagus, Olives, Tortilla wrap.

Suggestion: Consume calcium in your diet chart and ignore spicy foods to escape heartburns.



Taurus represents Venus, the sensual and charming zodiac of all. Being sensual in Nature, they examine and live every moment and when it comes to food, they bit every morsel of food with utter dedication. They have a fetish for desserts like cheesecake and anything creamy at any hour of the day. And when they cook, you know you are going to be served with something quite intriguing.

All-time favourite: Mayonnaise, Cheese, Butter, Hot Chocolate.

Suggestion: Avoid sugar intake for losing weight and consume salt in the meal to take care of the thyroid glands.



Geminis are the busy bees of the Zodiacs. They energize themselves with food to keep them 1. They always have something in the bag to feed into. Food is like a battery charger for them. They can run into a supermarket in search of food to avoid dramas and sadness in their life. Food beyond all is their motto.

All-time favourite: Dill, Peas, Chips, Almonds, Ice-cream.

Suggestion: Consume green leafy vegetables, peaches to support the lungs and nervous system and avoid coffee.



Cancer are Sensitive babies when it comes to the Zodiacs. Even if they are famished, they would still search for foods that are delicate to the stomach. They love to cook themselves and serve their loved ones rather than dining outside. They love to cook food and foods like freshly cooked buns, Caesar salad and their aroma is enough to make them happy.

All-time favourite: Peaches, Coconut, Tomatoes, Lobsters.

Suggestion: High intake of calcium and stay away from foods that form gas.



Leos are the Sous chef amongst all of them. They stand out in almost everything and food is their soul for sure. They eat food by shutting off their eyes and their close people would definitely get to know whether the food was delicious or distasteful. They know their food so well that they might win every food contest and not to forget, Leos are wonderful cooks.

All-time favourite: Mozzarella, Sweet corn, Beef, Watermelons.

Suggestion: They need to take care of their liver and maintain a low carbs diet.



Virgo are the Nourishing house of all the Zodiacs. They also have to be productive and stay fit all day. Frequent meals after every two hours are the routine they would intend to thoroughly follow. They have an urge of midnight snacks quite often so there would never be a scarcity of food inside a Virgo’s fridge.

All-time favourite: Raspberries, Beans, Apples, Wafers.

Suggestion: Large intake of fibre and avoid dairy products.



Libra are noble artists when it comes to food. They have a strong hold on the justice of equality. That means every piece of a chocolate bar divided, has to be the same. They sometimes desire for so many things to eat that it leaves them confused. They are mad for fresh fruits and sweet delights.

All-time favourite: Fennel, Figs, Grape Tomatoes, Scallops.

Suggestion: Intake of Omega 3 acids is highly needed and avoid alcohol.



Scorpios are the serial-eater amongst all of them. They eat food by slowly feeling the taste in every bite with immense pleasure. They are the kind of people who has to be satisfied while going through the process of eating. Aromas and flavours are a turn-on for their taste buds, depending on the food they have been presented with.

All-time favourite: Mushrooms, Papaya, Egg, Mutton.

Suggestion: Control mood swings and drink lots of water to stay hydrated.



Sagittarians are the energy box of the chart. They believe in the quote, ‘Live to eat’ and thus, eat to their heart’s content. They spend money at restaurants for buying a meal for themselves and also for the stray dogs. They are in love with Nature and mostly like to surround themselves with fresh foods and fruit juice.

All-time favourite: Leeks, Cauliflower, Mango pulp, Plums.

Suggestion: High protein diet is necessary and avoid over-eating.



The most traditional award of the Zodiac’s goes to Capricorn. They are dedicated about what they like to eat and would mostly stick to those foods, they have been consuming since the time immemorial. They are capable of eating the same dish every day without getting bored. And above all, they are systematic and have an appropriate time to dine.

All-time favourite: Parsley, Sprouts, Pistachios, Mac and Cheese.

Suggestion: Eat calcium-rich foods and avoid heavy and spicy dishes.



Aquarians are the examiners of all. They would search for the freshness and refreshing food items to fill themselves. They prefer eating with family or friends in a no-nonsense environment. They would inspect and then buy food that won’t perish in a little time. They would stock it up to enjoy it later with late-night shows and a pint of beer.

All-time favourite: Tofu, Beef, Peanuts, Cranberries.

Suggestion: Keep your blood sugar level in balance and avoid coffee.



Pisces are the soberest amongst all the signs. They love the simplicity and would love to eat anything prepared delicately and served on the table. They are the ones who choose food by their taste. If they do not like one food, they would tend to avoid it forever even if it is a lavish dish on the menu. They would simply search for something that is familiar to taste.

All-time favourite: Honey, Lentils, Sweet Potatoes, Avocadoes.

Suggestion: Eat foods which are rich in protein and iron and avoid oily foods as well as sweets.

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