When we mean hot, we do not mean it in the terms of physical appearance or how attractive the zodiac sign is. We mean how easily the zodiac sign gets angry, more specifically, which are the three most hot headed zodiac signs among the twelve zodiac signs.

These signs are wired this way and most of the time they are all bark and no bite. They just have to get the anger out of their system or they will actually combust. While they are the best of individuals, and actually even make the best company to be with, their anger is one personality trait that everyone is wary of, especially when it comes to them.  

 So, let us see which are the three most hottest signs of the zodiac and why. 



This zodiac sign was honestly not very surprising at all mainly because of the fact that they are known to be aggressive and domineering individuals who tend to have a lot of anger problems. They are people who are easily angered and have a very combustive anger.

They tend to get violent when they get mad, they have to throw or break things when they are mad or they will not cool down. Aries also tend to say a lot of hurtful things they do not mean to say.

They have a mean streak in them when they get mad and they also feel the need to hurt people around them by saying a lot of hurtful things in anger. They are also people who are extremely low on patience and have to get things done as soon as possible, and hate waiting for others. A way to calm them done, is by leaving them alone and giving them space to just let the steam off. They can always do some sort of physical activity that tires them and lets off that steam. 



Scorpios are individuals who are very intense people by nature and the fact that they are ruled by the planet of Mars does not help their case when it comes dealing with anger and emotions. They are people who are short tempered and are prone to temper tantrums.

They get angry very easily because of the fact that they feel things more intensely as compared to the rest of the signs due to which they also tend to be low on patience and the level of understanding as well.

Apart from that, they are also known to get violent and aggressive, and they have to let off a majority part from their steam by breaking something. But unlike the Aries who as soon as they get angry also tend to calm down just as soon, Scorpios are people who tend to hold onto a grudge for the longest of times. They also tend to remain angry for quite a long time which makes everyone else quite wary of them. 



Cancers are people who are extremely sensitive when it comes to people and what others think of them. Because of this they also tend to lash out on people as a defence mechanism and which also results in a lot of people being wary of them and thinking at least twice before they speak to them.

Cancers are ruled by the Moon and because of this they feel things a lot more as compared to other zodiac signs. This is why they also tend to get hurt easily and this results in them lashing out as well. They are also insanely possessive over their friends and partners, almost going to the extent of suffocating them, and when they are told about this, this results in more temper tantrums and heated arguments.

They cannot take in constructive criticism about themselves and this results in another heated argument. They never forget things, hold onto grudges and will always be passive aggressive to you if you did them wrong.

Cancers need to mediate more in order to gain more mature and maturity, and this will also calm them down, helping them to mature and grow as a person. People will want to know them better if they actually work on themselves.  




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