What makes Pisces the most difficult sign to understand?

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is said to have a mix of characters of all the previous eleven signs, which makes them a complicated sign to understand. They are compassionate and independent. They show a very high level of creativity. Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiac, and though they are good at understanding others, they struggle in understanding themselves. When they can’t easily understand themselves, others find it even more tedious of a job to do.

So what makes Pisces the most difficult sign to understand?

Their sensitivity.

Pisces are known to have a very high range of sensitivity. They are extremely empathetic and feel for everyone around them. The slightest pain of others can make them tear up. People find it difficult to understand what makes them so sensitive and how can they help a Pisces when crying.


They are a big-time day-dreamers which complicates the situation further. People have a harder time understanding them because of their extent of dreaming. Their dreams could feel like a stretch and unnecessary to everyone around them, while for them, it might be everything. People struggle in understanding the motives of the Pisces behind these daydreams. 


They take a lot of time to come to a decision. They try to consider all the possible aspects of a decision. With all the points in consideration, they want to make a decision that is the very best. People find it hard to handle and often get tired of waiting too long for the Pisces to make a decision.


Pisces shows a very high level of shyness. This makes them hide and keep a lot to themselves and reveal very little. Everyone around them has to beat through this shy exterior to get to know the goofball that is hidden inside. But till this shy exterior is broken, a Pisces is very tough to comprehend. 

Their mood swings.

Another reason why people struggle in understanding Pisces is a fast-changing mood. Their mood often overflows and seeps into their behaviour. One minute they would be crying about something that hurt and the other they could be the happiest person ever. This moodiness often extends and often defines their personality. This makes them highly unpredictable and complicated. 

Always in need of motivation.

This sign is not deprived of passion or dreams, but what is deprived of is motivation. They always look over others to provide them with motivation or a push to go and work towards their dreams. This lack of motivation often comes out as being lazy and many find this trait frustrating. People often stop trying to understand them because of the many times they experience being frustrated. 


The sign shows a heightened level of pessimism. They always like to complain about everything going around them. They cannot come out through any situation without being helped and guided by someone else. Additionally, their level of pessimism, another frustrating trait, could push many people out of their life. 

Need for isolation.

Though they do love being with other people and cannot function in tough situations without the help of others, their need for isolation is high. They can only think clearly when they are alone with their thoughts. These conflicting choices are complicated to understand. 

Need for independence vs their dependency.

The biggest trait that makes Pisces difficult to understand is their independent behaviour. They work best when they are alone and not depend on others. And yet most Pisces spend years before understanding this. Till they understand that they are their best when alone and independent, they spend a lifetime being dependent on other people for help in various areas of their life. 

Unique artists.

Artists have a reputation for having a complex mind. Pisces is said to be the most creative zodiac sign. Being creative is how they cope with any problem at all. People find it difficult to understand what goes in that little artistic mind.

 But the truth is, no matter how difficult it is to understand a Pisces; they are a sign like no other. A Pisces friend can mean that you have someone to support you through everything and you’d never go unvalued or alone through anything.


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