Have you heard that keeping a horse’s shoe is lucky for you? Well, it is true. Horseshoes have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It signifies good luck and protection. Today everyone wants to keep a horseshoe in their house to bring in positivity.

But why is horseshoe considered so lucky? It has a very interesting story behind it. The folklore says that once a devil visited a blacksmith and asked him to attach horseshoes to his feet. The blacksmith did as he was told, but that caused a lot of pain to the devil, so the devil asked him to remove it.

The devil agreed to it on one condition that the devil will never enter a house with horseshoe hanging init; the devil agreed to this and this is the reason why the devil (Satan) never enters a house with a horseshoe hanging in it.

But this is not it, in the middle ages it was believed that evil spirits of horses. The horseshoes are made of iron, that endures fire, therefore horseshoes were nailed to the coffins of evil in order to prevent them from rising from the dead.

There is another story that explains why horseshoes are considered so lucky, in Europe; it was a common belief that the crescent shape of the horseshoe represents the moon which is known to protect people from evil.

So how should you hang a horseshoe to get as much positivity as possible, it is said you should hang the horseshoe above the main door of your house, to prevent any negativity from entering the home. This has been done since the 16th century.

It is also argued that you should hang the horseshoe pointing upwards so that to not let the lucky escape. You need to capture the luck to fight off any negativity that enters the house. It will keep the house secure from any evil.

However, some people say that you should hang the horseshoe pointing downwards as this makes sure that luck dispenses on everyone that passes through the door and the home as well. It was a common sight on the printed cards during World War I. This is a matter of belief so whatever you feel right, do it that way.

Since horseshoes are made of iron, which is considered one of the most auspicious metals making horseshoe holy. People always wondered why didn’t a horse feel any pain when the horseshoe was hammered to his foot; they believed that the horseshoe had magical powers.

So, let’s discuss the process of we will energize, recharge the horseshoe to bring positivity and keep away all the malefic and evil energies in your work/home life. For this we will use the following material:

  1. Black Horseshoe
  2. Red Cloth
  3. Oil Lamp
  4. Earthen pot
  5. Rice Grain
  6. Incense
  7. Hakik Mala
  8. Black Cloth

We will take a black horseshoe for this puja, put it in a red cloth. Then we will light an oil lamp. Next, we will pour some water in an earthen pot and get some rice grains, burn some incense and start chanting the mantra for 24000 times. All of this will be done on a Saturday night and post 10:30 pm. We will recite the mantra 1000 times for 24 consecutive days using Hakik mala. This process will be performed and take place while facing the direction of the West by following the Brahmacharya ritual. Then depending on your preference, we will get the horseshoe recharged with positive energies to protect you from the evil at your home. You can hang it on your door when the process has done a completion of 24 days. You will start seeing results and benefits after 41 days. All the house related obstacles, conflicts, and evil-eye will be erased away.

For this we use the following Mantra:


ॐ Neelanjan Sama Bhansa Bhanu Putram Yaja Grajam |

Chhaya Martand Sambandh Tant Namami Shaine Schcharam ||


In India horseshoes, are believed to be endowed with mantras which are very strong in attracting good luck. It is said to represent the heavens and the roof of the home. It also signifies the material and spiritual desires of human beings.

If you have been planning a trip abroad, and it hasn’t been successful horseshoe can help you. It will not only ensure that you travel but also makes sure that your trip is free of any trouble or interruptions. If this trip is for business purposes then with the use of horseshoe, it will definitely prove to be very successful.

Horseshoe has many proven benefits like if anyone has been suffering from an illness for a long time, hanging a horseshoe in the house is known to cure the illness and prevent it from coming back. It forms a protective layer around the house that protects everyone in the house from any malevolence, germs, and diseases.

It symbolizes good fortune. So, if you have been facing any disputes or conflicts with family or your partner at home then hanging our positively energized horseshoe at the door or doorstep will remove the evil eye and malefic energies at home. Many astrologers believe that horseshoe fights off the malefic effects of planet Saturn.

Although it shows the result in a few days after the activation it is extremely beneficial when used around the time of the festival of Holi, as this is a very huge astrological event.

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