Well, we know that there are plenty of people who tend to believe in the aspects and the predictions of zodiacs and sun signs, and are you one of those people? Well, if you are then you are probably going to love the topic this article is about. Every zodiac tends to have its own share of different nature traits and personality aspects according to different sun signs and the life of an individual. Matching zodiacs and compatibilities with the help of the same zodiac connection is definitely important for marriage purposes, but apart from marriage and match making the zodiacs do have even more fun and significant role tom play in the millennial world.  



Aren’t you all tired and sick of watching the different zodiac according to their compatibilities and their possible interests? Don’t you think experimenting once in a while is quite a good idea? Of course, it is!!! So, let us flip our lens a little and focus on the more fun and goofy aspects of zodiacs and their various traits. For starters have you ever imagined that what Bollywood character does your zodiac represent? Might sound weird right now, but let us have a look at a few perfect examples for the same.  


KABIR SINGH ( kabir singh) 



Kabir singh is one of the most successful and controversial characters of recent times. The character has its ups and downs throughout the movie. You can see in the first half of the movie, the character is full of enthusiasm and ambition. He looks forward to his future and gives his all to the people he loves. Kabir Singh also makes rash decisions without giving it much thought that he regrets later on which is a trait of Aries. At times he is stubborn and impulsive that makes him Aries. 


RANI ( queen) 



Rani from the movie queen is very adventurous and loves to take on new things. Gemini people love to take chances, go to different places, meet new people, and really enjoy partying. In a nutshell, Geminis are friendly in nature, they love to socialize with different people. In the movie, she meets different people from different places and she instantly hits it off with everyone. That is the thing with Geminis wherever they go they make new friends. Rani goes through something extremely tough but loves to have a smile on her face, Geminis are great at handling tough situations. 


NAINA ( kal ho na ho) 



Cancer people think that everything is their responsibility. They have two sides, one is the caring side which is that they love to take care of their loved ones. They think it’s their duty to be the caretaker of the entire family.  The second side is that they are extremely emotional. Naina in kal ho na ho is ready to do anything for her family and isn’t afraid to stand up for her family. However, she also has a sensitive side that only a few people are aware of. The thing is if you make it in cancer’s inner circle, they will have your back no matter what. 



SONU ( sonu ki titu ki sweety)  



Libras believe in self-love. They have great talking skills as they can have a lengthy conversation with anyone about anything. Sonu in sonu ki titu ki sweety loves to party and loves to socialize. Libra in general loves to interact with new people. They also believe in themselves so much so that they think whatever they’re doing is correct. Sonu stands up for his friend as he sees that something wrong is happening with him but he won’t let that happen.  


The above examples and character complications were just an attempt from our side to give you a little treat and cheer you up by giving a quirky insight about your respective zodiacs. Even though all the signs were not covered here, but what’s the hurry? Stay tuned to have an insight about all the other zodiacs as well. Keep your goofy and quirky streak alive as we will keep coming back with such interesting and indulging topics.  


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