The Ups and Downs in the Sagittarian World

Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign among all the other zodiacs. Individuals born between the 21st of November and the 21st of December are assigned this sign. Sagittarius is represented by the symbol of the archer and is supposed to be an optimistic, fair-minded, and honest person.

Coming under the element of fire, a Sagittarius is fierce, strong, and love their independence more than anything in the world. They have unique passions and are generally great at executing them. If they want, they can make a career out of their perfection in their respective fields.

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter and is supposed to be people who possess high levels of intellect. They are honest, fun-loving, and have a lot of friends.

Each zodiac sign has a specific bunch of traits attached to it. It involves both positives and negatives.

These traits are generally the outcome of the position of planets in the sky each month. Let’s find out a little about the Sagittarius traits! 

Positive Sagittarius Traits: 


Sagittarius individuals are smart, intelligent, and know what to say and when to say. They are great at analyzing situations and are good at debating out the pros and cons of an opportunity.

They always think much ahead of others, seeing and studying consequences and risks, and thus, remain one of the strongest zodiacs who are very hard to fool. 


Although they might not look like it from the outside, Sagittarius are extremely caring individuals. They don’t always know how to express it but their actions do speak. You will find them always having your back and indirectly showing you signs that they care.

A little scold here, a little pat on the back there is what they do. Caring about someone a bit too much is what a Sagittarius often struggles with. 


Sagittarius individuals have a lot of levels attached to themselves. As stated earlier they carefully analyze each situation. This involves a lot of deep thinking.

Sagittarius people often find themselves lost in the depth of their thoughts because it is such a powerful trait in them. This helps them gain clarity on a situation and dive in, head first, and with stability.  


A Sagittarius is all about living life. They love to go wild and crazy. They live for the thrill of new adventures and are always up to try new things. Here, they don’t stop to think.

All they want is to have fun and they sure do! Being around them is always a party and you’re sure to never have a boring moment. They have a particular zest for life that is extremely charismatic and attractive. 


Sagittarius is one of the most honest signs of the zodiac. No matter what, they will never be fake around you. They will always be brutally honest and won’t stop to think how you perceive it 

However, they will always say this in an understanding tone which is bound to soothe you. 

Negative Sagittarius traits- 


Sagittarius has this thing where they always want to be on the go. They hate to slow down for anything and anyone. This often makes them rush through things which results in mistakes.

If they find things not moving according to their pace, they often get frustrated and grumpy. 


Sagittarius is self-assured, verbal, and optimistic but is also pretty boastful about these qualities. They tend to exaggerate situations a lot, be it good, or be it bad. It is always extreme for them, a trait which doesn’t do well with most people. 


 A Sagittarius will often act carelessly, taking risks they know can bring them down. Their tendency to boast makes them a bit too vain and this often leads to taking things for granted. Their carelessness is prone to attract criticism from most sides. 


Oh, watch out as Sagittarius is a ticking time bomb! They are mostly always nice and gentle with people but if you manage to get on their nerves, that’s the end of you. Once they are bursting, the explosion will be one you won’t forget too easily.

At this time, they won’t have any filter on their mind, heart, or tongue!! So, beware, and don’t try to pull the last string! 



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