As the title goes on to say what this article is going to be about, a few things need to be cleared. While the three most romantic zodiac signs in astrology does not mean that the rest of the zodiac signs are not romantic, it also does not mean that the rest of the signs are dysfunctional when it comes to be romantic.

It simply means that while every sign has some degree of being affectionate and loving, it varies from sign to sign, and how they express it. Every single zodiac sign is different in their own way and being, which is exactly why they tend to be better in some things as compared to the rest.

Every sign is just comfortable in doing what they want to do, and that means that while some may be comfortable showing that they are romantic, others will not be as comfortable as them, and would show how romantic they are in the simplest of actions. 

Every sign is different, and because of this, they love people differently as well. 

So, which are the three most romantic signs of the Zodiac and why? 


Cancers are ruled by the Moon and are known to be one of the most romantic zodiac signs. This is because they are people who are sensitive and they geninuely care about you and how your day went. 

They are people who are one of the sweetest people by nature and they will keep a note of their actions and how you react to them, and act accordingly. They make one of the most romantic partners because they will spoil you with love, cuddles and snog fests.

Cancers love surprising their partner with surprise dates, breakfast in bed, impromptu getaways, anything to make their partner happy! They are also people who are very demanding with their attention and time, and they will always want your love and feel bad if you do not give them the attention they need.

They are the ones who also tend to be slightly insecure in the relationship but are the best people to be with. Cancers notice the smallest change in your emotional self, they tend to listen to their intuition and will ask you what is wrong. They believe that communication is the key to any problem, and will do whatever it takes to make you feel better or just good about yourself. 


Aries is another one in this list, and it is definitely very surprising. They are known to be aggressive and dominating, but they are also quite romantic by nature. They are extremely impulsive and a relationship with them is never boring.

They are always planning dates which could potentially make your heart drop to your stomach, getaways that makes you feel as though your heart stopped for a minute.

Everything about them makes you come alive and they are the ones who keep the relationship exciting and alive making sure that the relationship does not get boring. They are also very loyal people and will always have your back and the chances of them even looking at someone else while they are with you are nil.  


Virgos are people who are the thoughtful lovers. They are one of the most loyal people you will know and are known to be supportive and understanding, and often tend to think about your needs more than their own.

They make you their priority and are people who are extremely blunt with what they want to say, and that makes it much better than listening to people who would rather lie and sugar coat matter.

They also are people who pay attention to the smallest of things, nothing seems to go pass them and they will notice the slightest change in you. They will do their best to make your day and will always find time for you no matter what. 

They work on logical and analytical thinking, so when it comes to arguments, they are the mature ones who will always be patient and will wait for you to understand their point of view as well, just as they understand yours. 




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