The Fish That Delved Into Its Dream World

A zodiac sign’s representation indirectly holds a significance due to the indications it gives to the nature of the people who belong to that sign. Pisces, represented by two fish facing each other, is a direct indication to the variant and conflicting nature of the Pisceans. To them, the world is a place, which would never be able to reach their expectations. Though at a greater level this seems to be the truth, at a minute level, Pisceans can make a reality of their dreams if given the proper motivation. They imagine their life in colors, bright and beautiful and at times sober and dull. The connection they have with the nature of colors is a perennial bond that does not see an end. Their choices are dependent on their mood at most times, which may or may not prevail for a long time. They find their happy place in a dream world, where they build castles of happiness, channeling their creative edge to a better place. Every sorrow they have, every bad time they experience is stored better in their heart and mind, where there imagines a parallel world scenario, without the soberness. They are full of creativity, which does not expose itself to everyone at the same time. Pisceans are also known for their negative traits, which are nothing but their strengths channeled in an inappropriate manner.

The strength and weakness of Pisces

Pisceans are full of emotions. The emotional overflow they experience is incomparable to any other zodiac sign, even Cancer, in some situations. Every happening in their life leads them to an emotion unknowingly. The soft-hearted Pisceans express these emotions like sorrow and the stronger ones express it in the form of anger. Unknowingly both of them are harmful to the receivers and the Pisceans themselves. The acquaintances of a Piscean who matches the requirements made by them in their head will be luckiest ones who will not have to face the consequences of their emotional outbursts. The one thing a Piscean needs to understand is that not all humans work in the same way and so they will not express their emotions in the same way. Acknowledging this one fact could work out wonders in the life of a Piscean.


When a person fails to satisfy the imaginary needs of a Piscean, they would experience the worst of Pisces. A strong Piscean will inadvertently move into self-assumptions and negativity also leading to doubt. At that point in time, a small splinter of rumors could end bonds permanently. They will not leave it easily and engage themselves into quarrels which would affect them and their beau in the most unwanted way, leaving them with nothing but pain. A soft-hearted Piscean, will most of the time cry themselves to sleep or hide the pain in themselves. In this case, too, their beau would not be able to understand the amount of impact a small word or statement is creating on them, which will lead to cracks in the strong wall of relationships. It is not that they are always on the wrong side, most of the time, it is the improper channeling and a wrong perspective that cause this. They would get better by seeking the guidance and advice of someone who has their trust. While the view of each person on the world would be widely varying from each other, it is also inevitable that a pint of proper and soothing advice works wonders on a person. The Piscean’s strength lies in their creativity and emotional approach to problems. The way they look at problems generally give solutions that are not only practical but also do not cause a negative impact either mentally or physically. Such is the power of a Piscean. They need to believe better in the actual world while channeling their dreamy nature into creativity whenever needed. This would make them a blend of perfection with the exact amount of practicality and sensitivity. 

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