The Birth Chart: the importance and the trines of a birth chart

We as humans are so much into horoscope and the birth chart because we think we find answers to our troubles in them. The fun fact, nothing in the entirety, even the birth chart will have any definitive answers to this. In the words of a personal favourite writer Devdutt Pattnaik, “Horoscope is said to have arrived from Vishnu, and the Janam Kundli (the birth chart) is just a mere representation of Krishna in the entire game of life. The answers are to be sought, but that path is already laid.” True to the words, a birth chart or a natal chart, or more prevalently called the Janam Kundli, is actually the enumeration of the path of life.

The Birth Chart

The birth chart is the natal astrological configuration of the celestial planets during the exact time of the birth of a person. The formulation of a birth chart is more of filler, made by the time and date of birth and the dimension of space of birth. Therefore the birth chart basically gives you a more formulaic position in the celestial space of astrology and leads you on life. The birth chart is formulated in a very elaborate process and therefore a very trusted and esteemed astrologer should be put to work on this.

How is a Birth Chart Helpful?

The birth chart helps to map down the entire life circle of a human being. In Hindu tradition, a birth chart becomes a very important aspect for the ceremonies that always include a person undergoing it. Sometimes a lot of options in the person’s life depend on the birth chart of the person. Therefore rather than outweighing the available options, one can actually use a birth chart and go for the more possible options.

The birth chart will be an entire enumeration of the paths that a native will ‘supposedly’ undertake. Like it will precisely tell you ‘sports’ but not which sports or when, because these are things left to your decision by the birth chart.

There is so much uncertainty in life; we are living a life of options and choices. But sometimes being aware of the options is a breezy thing. The birth chart does the same.

The birth chart, later on in the Hindu community becomes very important according to the Vedic astrology, to deal in associations, either marriages or business.

There are so many other aspects related to the person that the birth chart blurts out. The birth chart points out towards things as such the favourable time, the adverse times, the possible career path, the interpersonal and the intrapersonal characteristics and other traits of the person.

The birth chart will also make a very basic effort into determining the success rates of a person while doing something. Things, like setting up a new business, or embarking on a new journey to abroad, are said by the birth chart.

The birth chart is sort of forewarning for the people, as to what can do they harm, things that might turn unproductive and not very much in their favour.

The 12 Houses of the Birth chart

Having discussed the basic things about the Janam Kundli, we might want to look at the basic workings of the birth chart based on the twelve houses of the birth chart.   

The twelve houses in the birth chart are supposedly going to make trines, or angles of 120 degrees with each other in the birth chart.

Some of the trines are used in their own interpretation in the natal chart; let us discuss some of the trine formations and their interpretations.

The trine of 1 / 5 / 9

This trine in the birth chart represents the aspects of the past, present and the future of the person. This is the entire circle of the familial evolution of the person represented in the form of the birth chart. The 9th house is a sheer representation of the house of the past, last held events take refuge there. The house 5th represents the present, the actions that are in our hands and the consequences of the past. And the 1st house is the future, which elaborates the consequences of the present day.

The trine of 4 / 8 / 12

This trine in the birth chart is a scary place and very subtly is known as the graveyard of the planets. The materialist of the person through the birth chart is basically hidden here, and takes shelter, because this might be the most outrageous killing spree of a human as per the birth chart. There might be aspects of unearned income too, from the revelations of the 8th house, while the 12th house is the consequences of in hand transactions, income, investment, and thrifts, in the birth chart.

The trine of 2 / 6 / 10

This trine is the trine of work circle in the birth chart, the entire enterprise of career works over here. The 6th house is a description of the work you have chosen for yourself. The 2nd house in the birth chart represents the income through the work that is done. The 10th house in the birth chart represents ‘Khyati’ or the fame and appreciation one is supposed to get from it.

The trine of 3 / 7 / 11

This trine determines success in setting up a business in the birth chart. The 3rd house in the birth chart will determine social relations of a person. The 11th house in a birth chart will elucidate on the thrifts, gains and profits. The 7th house in the birth chart will determine social connections of a person. So everything that takes to set up a business will be here in the birth chart.

The trine of 3 / 9 / 12

In the birth chart, this trine is a subtle trine that determines the aspects of a foreign tour (typically Indian).

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