Can astrology really predict the stock market and how it works? What is the stock market and for the people who know what stock market is, how on earth is the stock market and astrology even related? They are the last two things that could even be borderline connected or even brought or though in the same sentence together. So, where does this even come? Let’s start with the basics first. The internet defines the stock market as the aggregation of buyers and sellers of stocks, which represent ownership claims on businesses; these may include securities listed on a public stock.

Financial astrology is a lot more complicated than the astrology used to calculate everything else mainly because it is a neurotic business. In order to analyze the company further, we need to be able to find the expected and likely horoscope when it was made, the exact date and the new ownership, and if a major change in structure if there were any made recently. Once all this is done, the predictions regarding the company would be pretty much the way same as the Janam kundalis of individuals. There are two different ways of calculating the finance of various businesses and companies through astrology and predicting the future. The first way is by making a chart for the countries, financial businesses and understand them on the basis of that. The second way is by analyzing the planetary movements and analyze and calculate the events they imply which are of major worldwide influence. The shares f the company and the company can grow and develop separately. The shares of the company can be analyzed and calculated astrologically and can even know it’s potential. Not only that, to know its astrology can even predict its share rate.  

How does financial astrology help in the movements of the stock market?

For all the investors, the fifth house of the connatural house represents the investors. The tenth and the fifth house is meant for the daily traders.  Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Moon, and Rahu play a very important role in deciding and controlling if the stock market remains positive or negative. If the Saturn is positive, then it indicates the slow growth of the stock market or some stocks, it will be a very slow and steady growth, positive nevertheless. If the Saturn is negative, then it will lead to the slow decline of the stock market or a few particular stocks, it will be leading a steady downfall, and it will be very negative and take a long time to recover. Rahu represents the abrupt fall and abrupt rise in the stock market. Rahu can be tricky and deceive people into believing something that is far from reality.  It is even believed that eclipses affect the stock market making it either favorable or unfavorable. The eleventh house in the financial astrology (more precisely, stock market astrology) is said to be the house of success and income. There are high chances of gain from the stock market from this house. The second house in the financial astrology (to be more precise, stock market astrology) is said to be the house of money and wealth, and your bank balance and income are seen from this house. The fifth house in financial astrology is said to control the stock market and have a direct and very important influence on the gain of income from the stock market. The fifth, second, and the eleventh house are related and have a direct influence and control over the stock market and if the Lagna lord is added to this trio, then without any doubt, you can readily invest in the stock market with full confidence. The parivartna yoga is another strong and important indicator, for financial gain through the stock market.

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