The 5 Secret Tips To Become A Confident Tarot Reader.

Confidence without clarity is a disaster. Tarot Readers when they start new are underconfident and can get easily overwhelmed. There are so many tips and tricks available on this platform called the Internet that sometimes we stop listening to ourselves and blindly follow what is written as “tips”. When you have discovered a liking towards Tarot Cards and wish to pursue Tarot Reading, you should know that no Tarot Reader singularly does a reading. They all have their different styles and formats according to which they operate. If you’re one of those people who are just trying their hand at Tarot Reading and are nervous about it, then this is the perfect article for you before you begin your journey. Well, you’ve already begun your journey, but from now on, you’ll consciously cultivate a confident approach towards Tarot Reading and as a Tarot Reader.


Following are five tips to help you become a confident Tarot Reader. Please take note:


1) Do not memorize

You do not have to memorize all the 78 cards in a general Tarot Deck. Imagine learning and then memorizing it word to word. Tarot Reading will then become hell for you. Rather, you should depend on your eye and your inner voice to interpret the cards. With a little background and some alone time to see and review the cards yourselves, you’ll be good to go on your journey with a newfound clarity and sense of perception. Remember do not to memorize as it will inhibit your creativity and clarity of reading certain situations or people.

2) Copying isn’t cool

Copying someone’s else fashion and style of interpreting Tarot cards is not cool. Overall, we aim to be as authentic as possible. When we copy somebody, we’re just emulating them. Then our readings won’t be authentic because we’ll be too preoccupied with HOW to do a Tarot Reading rather than focusing on the energies of the session. You can take inspiration but do not even copy your favorite Tarot Reader on YouTube. Find your rhythm and act accordingly!


3) Do not exhaust yourself

Sometimes, we think hard work is the only key to success. It is not so. Sometimes, Tarot Card readers will exhaust themselves to a point of feeling burnt out. Too many readings can make a Tarot Reader internally sick and exhausted with no physical injury or harm being done on the outside. It is because they’ve dealt with too many energies they’re not equipped to handle. If the reading begins to get heavy, heavier, do not delve deeper if it makes you uncomfortable and inexplicably tired. Leave it. It is okay not to delve much deeper.


4) Do not be lost in words…

Sometimes it is easy to get distracted by the set of words we’re provided with as interpretations of the Tarot Cards. The Death Card may be described as an ending in the Interpretation booklet but to you, it seems like a good card, something which perfectly describes regeneration rather than ending. So, always listen to your voice without getting distracted by the variety of words available to describe a specific Tarot Card.


5) Always do YOU

Do not listen to anyone or any booklet blindly. It is very important to focus on the inherent meaning of the card as it is on the imagery of the cards. Many symbols and figures are incorporated to understand the holistic point of view of Tarot Cards that will ultimately aid us in the Tarot Reading. Most importantly, always do you. Sometimes, thoughts may flirt around a bit too much inside your head so do not place too much importance on them. Shuffle the cards with a sense of reverence.

These are some of the suggestions rather than tips that can help you to become a confident Tarot Reader. Always follow your inner guidance when you try to guide others through Tarot Readings. Confidence will develop gradually if you believe in your talent. Always try to do Tarot Readings for your friends when you’re a beginner. They can tell you whether the reading resonated or not without being too critical.

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