Living in an Indian Scenario and following the several and multilingual traditions and norms one by one is at the core of our nation. And this is because that we Indians prefer a predictable and superstitious school of thought as this helps us lead a successful life ahead. Even though these thoughts are not widely entertained in the current era as the millennial generation does not believe in the ancient processes and arms of Vedic astrology. But, still, there are several people and especially the older generation of our country tend to follow the path of astrology at each and every step of theirs.  



Speaking of astrology we know that in India, marriages happen through a full-blown ritual based process which involves the concepts like Kundali matching, palmistry, tarot reading, and numerology. While we quite well know about the concepts of kundali matching then let us drive on a different road today and discuss a little about the concepts and the study of numerology, and especially the significance of odd and even numbers in the field of numerology.  


I’m sure that we all know that marriage a sacred bond which is quite difficult to find as we need to look for several factors. From, love compatibility, understanding, joy, harmony to all the other important aspects needed to make a marriage work. So, let us determine a few factors related to marriage by playing this astrological game of numbers.  



Let us begin with the odd numbers, let us say- 1, 3. 5, 7, and 9 to be precise. These numbers are perfectly compatible with each other, and they will have good enough compatibility with the numbers of their own group. 



Well, as the number suggests, it represents leadership qualities, and people belonging to these numbers are literally the pioneers, the bosses, and the heading parties. Moreover, number one signifies the drive and the urge to take things forwards and they also have a negative side which portrays them as dominant, aggressive, and bossy personalities. 



Well, as for the number three, these people represent a sense of creativity, newness, and a brilliant sense of humor, and they are also seen to be the ones throwing optimism all over. They are the imaginative souls, but on the negative side, they are also seen as the ‘all talk no action group’ and can be gossipy and unorganized at times.   



The number fives represent a level of excitement, curiosity, and experience as they love to run towards adventure and are always seen to be things that come under the category of unusual. So, on the negative aspect, they are quite the moody and fearful numbers.  


Now, well this one is the number that creates a bridge of wisdom and knowledge and they are the seekers and the observers and are basically the k=all rounders in terms of knowledge and this might cause them to be extra analytical which can be counted as a negative trait of theirs.  



This number is basically the symbol of completeness and fulfillment and it depicts compassion, love, feelings, and forgiveness. And as for negative traits, they can be a little moody and bitter at times.  



Coming on to the even slot, namely 2, 4, 6, and 8. These even numbers tend to be signifying a sense of fulfillment which means that the odd numbers cannot fulfill anything without their support. So, let us examine these individually.  



The number two represents the moon and is considered feminine, moreover, this number signifies, soothing, calm, and a piece attitude in people. And as for negative traits, they can come out as a little less courageous.  



The number fours, on the other hand, are the epitome of practicality and logic and due to this, they lack a little sense of imagination in them. So, the number fours resemble the side of being structured, and quite efficient.  



The number six is all about love and compassion, it resembles a love for family as well as a lover. This number represents the love people have for each other, like that of relationships, home, family, patriotism towards their country and due to this, they might come out as overly protective at times.  



People belonging to number 8 is the one which drives for balance and it represents the phrase that ‘ every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction’ and they can be all authoritative and structured in their approach.  


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