Love is a pure feeling and when a person falls in love it feels amazing. And then the thought of getting into a relationship or getting hitched comes into the mind. And it becomes an icing on the cake if we know the personality and traits of our partner. It helps us to know the individual better and choosing what is best for you. If you are dating or planning to date a partner who is born between June 21 to July 22, then he/she is a Cancerian. Cancer is a water baby and is very emotional and sensitive. They look for stability and security in their life. They are quite responsible and empathetic. Cancers are on a little shy side and believe in serious commitment and relationships. They are very loyal and take a little time to open up. They are a little hard to handle and they require a partner who can handle their mood swings and understand them emotionally. So, if you have some of these zodiac signs this could be helpful to you.

Let’s find out some advantages and disadvantages of dating cancers:

Dating this sign brings along its own set of advantages. Cancers are very loyal and trustworthy. You can share your deepest dark secrets with them and forget about it. You can rely on them for keeping their secrets intact with themselves. They are very caring and loving. They will do small little things to keep their partners happy. They will shower them with gifts (preferably handmade), flowers, and chocolates. They will do things to make them feel special. They are also very protective of their partners. Family comes first to them. They will do anything to protect their family and loved ones. If someone in the family is unwell or going through a rough phase in life. They will be the first ones to leave everything and be available for them and take proper care of them. They will not let them do any work and care for them until they are fit and fine.

When we talk of the word commitment in a relationship, you can simply close your eyes and visualize cancers. Cancers believe in serious relationship and commitment. They don’t come into a relationship just for the sake of passing time. They will only come into a relationship when they know that their partner can take it and be loyal to them. They give their heart and soul to the relationship. They give their best and work relentlessly to make their relationship survive. They are real sweethearts and have a heart of gold. They are very emotional but are a little shy to express their feelings. They have strong feelings for their partners and crave for the same emotions from their partners. They are very composed and calm and have deep and intense emotions.

Another trait that makes them a tool worthy partner is their incredible loyalty towards their partner. They will walk hands in hand with their partner if they are in trouble. They don’t run away from problems. They are ready to find solutions. They love passionately. They are very romantic and have that charm to add spark to their partner’s life. They give surprises to their loved ones and plan candlelight dinner dates for their loved ones. Another thing that their partners would appreciate in that they value the importance of family and home. They like spending time with their family and enjoy most of their time indoors with their loved ones. Cancers always look for stability and security. They are very persistent and hardworking so that they can provide all the luxuries and comforts to their partners. They know how to manage their finances and money.

Cancers also have some dark sides to it. While they are very emotional, this brings with its own set of problems. They are overly emotional and crave the same from their partners and if they don’t get that back they become stubborn. They have changing mood swings and they sometimes become irritating and hard to handle. They sometimes become dominating and controlling in a relationship. They are overly protective also. They are very protective of their partner and want to be around them. They like spending most of the time with their partner which sometimes becomes a little clingy. That doesn’t give them the required space and freedom.

They are introverts and not very social. They are homesick people. They like spending time with their family at home which is great but at times becomes monotonous. They like being in their own comfort zone and if they are dragged to go out they can become nagging and show unnecessary tantramus. Their personality is quite mysterious. They don’t open up very easily and don’t show their feelings and emotions. It takes time for them to open to someone. It becomes really difficult for their partners to understand them. They need the patience to make their relationship sustain which again becomes difficult for their partner. They are very stubborn and want to take all the charge of the things in their relationship. They cry over small things and keep a check of all their partner’s activities which restricts the freedom of the other partner.

Another trait that gives someone a second thought about dating a cancer is their high expectation level. They are very loyal and emotional and expect the same from their partners. They want their partners to understand their emotions and feelings without them even saying. And if it doesn’t go in the same manner, they become rebellious and argumentative. They can also manipulate easily. If they don’t want their partner to do something, they will not say them directly but will get that thing done by using sugar-coated gestures. Their partner will not even come to know and cancers will get their work done from them. Later the partner might understand and this might come up as an issue in the relationship because that might take away their self-respect and space.

So, after considering all the pros and cons of this water sign, you can better make your decision of dating a cancer partner or not.

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