Predicting ones future and figuring out what is there in store for us is a difficult motive to fulfill. but while one resides in a country like India there are ways through which one can easily determine their future in terms of all the aspects. Since we know that astrology is one of the greatest ways to predict your future, but even in the concept of astrology here are several subcategories, one of which is tarot card reading. 

Tarot reading and its charms date several centuries back and there is no specification about its founding date. Tarot reading has gained an immense amount of popularity throughout all age groups, and this is because of the fact that tarot readings do not help us predict the future, instead, they help us in giving a certain insight about our life. It gives us guidance into what is right and what is wrong through the deck of cards. There are 78 cards in total divided into decks the major and the minor arcana cards. 

So, let us have a look at a few of the most positive cards in tarot readings. 


This is a card that projects a naked woman multi-tasking quite efficiently, she has been seen pouring water into the sea as well the soil in a perfect manner with one foot on the ground and the other dipped into the water. Moreover, the setting involves a lush green environment along with a big yellow star accompanied by seven little white ones representing the seven chakras. 

So, the appearance of this card signifies that everything is about to be all right and steeled again. It indicates that even after the rough time youve been through there still is hope and things will flourish in full swing for you once again. So, the star gives you a hint about the fact that life is going to get amazing and satisfying again. 


as the card depicts it is basically a happy picture of an unclothed child, surrounded by sunny sunflowers sitting on a horse, all in all, it is a happy picture. The entire depiction indicates a certain level of innocence, joy, and warmth, and once this card appears it can either indicate a literal child or it can symbolize the inner child in yourself. This card can basically encourage your innocent and joyous side out so that you can have a little fun and not take life so seriously all the time. 


This card depicts a scene where a giant hand emerges from the clouds holding glory and a sunny pentacle symbol and offering it to the seeker. And below this depiction is a lush green scenario where there is a green opening towards the higher ground. Since the sign of pentacles symbolizes wealth, opportunities, and material abundance. 

So, if this card occurs in any of your sessions then you are basically lucky enough to soon receive several opportunities related to wealth increment and other material luxuries. The ace of pentacles indicates that there might be challenges to face ahead, but even after all that there still is the high road that will take you to new heights. 


This card is also a happy and joyous one, it depicts the image of three ladies raising their cups high while they are dancing their way towards success. These three women are seen raising the glasses of wine alongside and celebrating the history of life. The three cups is a card that appears to indicate some kind of joy and happiness in your life and it may also indicate an upcoming party or get together with your near and dear friends. 


It is quite exactly what the name suggests, as this is the lovers card which depicts the unclothed image of adam and eve, And if this card occurs in your reading then love is definitely in the air for you and you are likely to find the perfect love for yourself which provides you both physical and emotional fulfillment. Its not just the case of finding the love of your life, this card can also indicate a deep and close relationship with a friend or a family member. 


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