Living in an Indian setting with an Indiana school of thought, it gets really difficult to rule these superstitious concepts out of one’s mind. As these are now all engraved and mandatory for us to follow. Traditions and rituals are something that we Indians live for as this helps us give us an insight into our customs and our cultures.

Speaking of cultures and customs one should take into account the astrological norms and aspects. So, let us examine all the concepts that come under the astrological banner.  



Kundali Milan is an ancient method in India, it is used for determining whether two people are compatible for marriage with each other. In Hindu astrology, it is believed that marriages are a match made in heaven and there is someone for everyone. It can be done by anyone who sees your janam kundali, it can be your friends, parents, family, pandits, and Jyotish. Kundali Milan is done before marriage, it basically tells people whether their stars align and if they will lead a happy marriage. Jyotish or pandits match kundali scores between the people who are about to get married, if the score is below 18 then it is considered that it will likely be a bad marriage, if it is between 18-24 it is considered an average marriage, anything above that is considered a great match and a happy marriage ahead. 



 Numerology deals with numbers in your life. It is believed that there are certain numbers for all people and everyone has their lucky numbers. These numbers teach about your personality, life goals, and your purpose in life.

These numbers are according to your zodiac signs, your date of birth, and other numbers that are associated with you. Numerology is done by a numerologist, it has the ability to tell you about future events that are bound to happen and what it is that you will be best at in life.  


People go for it because they relate to it and think it has magic about it. Many people can themselves do numerology as they just need to have a little knowledge about it. When you calculate your date of the month according to numerology you are left with a number.

The number can be anything between 1-9 and each number has a different meaning. These numbers have their specific features and it is said that numbers define the personality and many other things of the people. 



It is an ancient method that helps people to have an out-of-body experience and tap into a consciousness that connects all dots. There are many different tarot cards that people can choose from, it is often said in tarot card readings that you choose your destiny. People sometimes became addicted to it, as they feel it is the only thing that will answer their questions about everything in life. A Tarot card reader gives you the chance to choose what tarot card you want to open.  


The reader basically creates such an atmosphere that you feel like you are often drawn towards a specific card, you choose that card, and that card tells you about your life. Tarot cards can be used in finding many different types of questions, it can be about your love life, career, life paths, etc. Tarot cards have the ability to strengthen your intuition about any given problem, it gives you deep wisdom which helps in making the decision. It is a tool for self-discovery and guidance. 



Palmistry is the most popular type of astrology in India. In India, everything in their families knows a person that can do palmistry. Palmistry also has its roots in India and China. Palmistry can provide you with information about many different things. It can tell you about health, love life, and career. Everyone has different lines in their palms and it cannot be added or duplicated. It is said that 


So, if you’re curious about what is in store for you in the future then you should probably take a look at any of these basics mentioned above in order to have a detailed description of your life.  


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