India is a nation of diverse cultures and traditions as the people living here tend to be all cultural in order to maintain the essence of our nation. Even though the current generation does not really relate to these norms of traditional astrology, but our elderly try their level best to maintain these customs by involving Vedic astrology and its wonders in the concept of matchmaking. If you live in an Indian setting then you must know that marriage in India is a sacred bond that can only be carried out by turning towards Astrology.  

Speaking of astrology there are several concepts and processes involved under this wonderful and magical experience of astrology. All these concerts are quite well known to our Indian audience. And as for this article, we tend to give you some insight about one of those concepts. We know about kundali matching, palmistry, tarot reading, and numerology. Well, we know that numbers do interest all of us so let us have a look at a few aspects of numerology.  


There are a lot of numbers in numerology that might help you recognize your future, past and even your present, o let us analyze the master number involved in astrology.  

According to what astrology and numerology state out the master numbers can mean both, a time of great difficulty as well as a great strength. In numerology, 11,22, and 33 are considered to be the master numbers and this is because they involve the numbers 1,2, and 3. These master numbers are known to be the ones that make the triangle of enlightenment. So, let us examine three of them individually.  


The master number 11 is the one that represents your instincts, guts, and your intuition, so this number is the one that is basically responsible for you feeling extreme anxiety and you also might have a nervous breakdown. This number refers to the songs that we receive from god-like your natural instincts and your sixth sense. And this might also give rise to the issues of being paranoid and skeptical about everything without any good reason, and this is because people ruled by this number have the tendency to think everything through their instinct. 

 If you are not focused on something your energy might be all over the place like hay wire, but once you put that energy to the right spot then you will probably create something extremely magical. The trick behind this power of intuition is that you need to keep this in check otherwise you might become a victim of overthinking which might not be good for you.   


Master number 22 is all about power and success in terms of productive tasks. The people with a life path number of 22 might have no such problem in completing their tasks and accomplishing what they had in mind. You will definitely possess the trait of making your dreams a reality someday because of your zest to achieve whatever you put an eye on.  

Moreover, this master number also has its negative angle, with great success comes great responsibility and you need to make a fine line between cursing yourself for your inabilities and focusing on reaching your goals. You have the three great qualities of being rational, hardworking, and down to earth so you better use them to achieve the right things in life.  


This master number is all about creative streaks and spirituality, this number tends to possess all the qualities of both the master numbers. It combines the qualities of 11 and 22 in one frame, but this does not mean that it all cakewalk, having so many abilities means double the difficulties. People belonging to this life path number are highly creative and empathetic by nature, but even this has a flip side to it.  

As, if they are not in a balanced state of mind then they can be highly judgemental and critics about everything. It is quite hard for them to master things due to their several abilities. And these people usually do not have any ambition of their own on an individual level as all they aim for in life is to do greater good for humanity and the entire mankind.  

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