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Mars is a planet that is supposed to be symbolic of violence and anger. But when Mars makes its presence felt in the tenth house, it comes to represent aspects of life such as career and respect. This is why the natives with the presence of Mars in their tenth house are so professional by nature. They are extremely dedicated to their profession and will do anything to achieve their career goals.  

Aspects of Life affected due to Mars in the Tenth house 



Leadership skills

Approach towards people

Positive Impacts and Characteristics 

The presence of Mars in the tenth house suggests that such people are very passionate and good at managing people. This is essential because they make such great leaders. They know how to organize everything to bring out the best results and this can sometimes turn into a major obsession. These career-oriented people are driven by their passion for growth on their professional front and desire to be respected for the efforts they put in and the results they bring about. They want to lead in every aspect of life and this sense of leadership can also permeate into their personal life. As partners, natives with Mars in the tenth house can tend to be a little controlling.  

As far as their professional lives are concerned, they are dedicated individuals with the capacity to achieve anything and everything that they desire. They are ambitious people who know what they aspire and how to carve their way to their destination. Unlike most others, they do not crave attention for their achievements. It is the achievement that matters to them most. They are extremely enthusiastic about their goals. They will never wait for others to help them. Instead, they believe in taking charge of their destiny.  

The presence of Mars in the tenth house prompts that the natives will be affectionate towards their family members and will lead a happy married life. They are stable both in their career and their personal life and will prefer commitments only when they are sure that they can support the relationship. They always think before they act. Their partner and their children are extremely lucky to have a partner like the natives. Their caring nature ensures that their children are happy to have them as parents. They can give away anything for their loved ones, but also expect it to be reciprocated.  

Negative Impacts and Characteristics 

While the presence of Mars in the tenth house is mostly about progress and happiness, the natives can sometimes appear to be stubborn in their approach towards people. If someone attempts to hinder their way to progress, they will make sure that this person knows his/her place. For natives with Mars in the tenth house, the best way to avenge someone’s villainy is to simply ignore them. Their cold behavior towards such people is something that will take others by surprise. But this is also something their seniors are bound to appreciate. This is because their indifferent approach helps them achieve anything and everything. They do not fear obstacles because they have discovered how to manage themselves until they have reached their final destination. They get their job done effortlessly and people cannot help admiring their innovative ideas. Although they can be cruel towards those who tend to be hostile towards them, they are very affectionate people. The witness to this is their treatment of their family members and their friends. Strangers, however, can perceive them as a threat to their growth because they are very hard work and innovative. They are not meant to be restricted by circumstances and not by others who might be trying to pull them down. Their dedication, hard work, and undaunted spirit are meant to enable them to become successful both in their personal life and their professional life. 


Natives with the presence of Mercury in the tenth house are very career-oriented people and are driven by passion. They love their profession and will give away anything to achieve their goals. They make a good parent and fulfill every responsibility with all their heart. They are so good at their job that their seniors are full of appreciation for them and try to help them to climb up the ladder in every way. However, their colleagues can get jealous of their personality and their achievements and they should be careful of such people. If they retain their passion for their dreams, they can achieve all that they wish to. 

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