Malefic Effects of Shani, Purpose, and Advantages of Shani Yantra

What is Shani Yantra?


Shani also is known as planet Saturn is the 7th planet in the system of planetary bodies. It is considered to be one of the strongest and impactful planets of the system. It is quite popularly known and said to be the planet that acts as a judge for mistakes that transpired in the past life.


According to the Puranas, Shani is a male divinity and is also considered as the God of Justice in the Hindu religion. He signifies discipline, penance, hard work, spiritual practices, and energies. Yantra is said to be a mystical instrument, that carries spiritual importance and used for success, good health, prosperity and wealth along with meditation and yoga.


Shani Yantra is an object of meditation that can either be worn as an ornament or kept in the house for goodwill and prosperity. The Shani Yantra is inscribed with numbers and symbols that are characteristics of the positive vibes and energies, and powers of Lord Shani. It is used as a safeguard tool to protect oneself from negative, evil energies and outcomes of the planet Saturn or Shani.


Malefic Effects of Shani


An individual with an afflicted or a weak Shani planet in his/her sign will endure continuous misfortune and anguish for a very long period of time. And despite long years of hard work, his/her progress will not succeed instead it will standstill.


When the planet Shani is aligned and in combination with the planet Moon, it transforms into an unfortunate yoga known as the "Shani Chandra Vish Yoga". That a person turns out to be intelligent and smart but still at times he/she can easily coincide with dispair.



Purpose of Shani Yantra


The Shani Yantra bestows the best blessings of Lord Shiva or Shani Dev, like business expansion, growth in career, education and otherwise. It appeases the Shani Dev or Lord Shani and helps in establishing the energies that will eventually, affect the person in positively bringing about a change in their life.


It negates and restraints the malefic effects induced by the Shani planet or Saturn, Sade Sati or Dhaiya. And balances the negativities by attracting positive energies of Lord Shani. The Shani Yantra has the power to fight off financial issues, diseases, and other life problems; brings success in every aspect of life.


Advantages of using Shani Yantra


Let us list down some of the benefits that the Shani Yantra provides when worn and used correctly. They are as below:

●      It makes one value and aware of the right judgments and justice that need to be followed.


●      The Shani Yantra encourages the individual to fight and overcome the difficulties in achieving set goals and desires.


●      It is beneficial for building confidence and improves the physical as well as mental strength of a person by releasing and attracting positive energies.


●      Last but the most important benefit of Shani Yantra is that it will protect you from the negative energies and destructive spirit of the Shani planet.


Conclusion: Shani Yantra is a mystical instrument used for meditating and attracting positive energies to negate the malefic and destructive effects of Shani in a person’s life. The Shani Yantra has its own purpose, an advantage that can be benefitted from when inflicted with the negatives energies of the planet Shani.




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