Ketu in Libra – Meaning And Personality Traits

Libra is said to be the sign of balance. It is ruled by the planet Venus, which has a good relationship with Ketu. Both of these planets are airy. When Ketu is placed in Libra, it will increase the native’s management abilities. You will know how to keep things in balance. Ketu, the Dragon’s tail provides a tendency of movement to the native as Libra is also a movable sign. 

The personality of Ketu in Libra: Decoding

The placement of Ketu in Libra gives rise to aggressive instincts in the native. You tend to be clever and hardworking. You are great at public dealing as you are very talkative. You know how to put your emotions in front of others. Ketu in Libra will sometimes make you rely on your family sometimes. While you are spiritually inclined, you can end up being dishonest at times. With this placement of Ketu, you will have a strong desire for activity and change as Ketu causes a lot of travel. You will like to travel from one place to another. 

You will be humanitarian and generous at your core. Ketu in Libra gives you an intellectual personality and a creative mind. You were very fortunate in your past life and encompassed by solaces and extravagances. In this life, your sensational nature is solid.

Positive traits of Ketu in Libra

Individuals with the placement of Ketu in Libra have great chances of expanding their riches, especially through their kids. Due to Venus’s sharing-friendly relations with Ketu, this placement can have some positive impacts on the native. 

Because of this placement, you will have great management skills. You can deal with the public and business very well. You can do very well in the field of media. You know precisely how to present yourself in public. Because of Venus’s sharing-friendly relations with Ketu, this placement can have some positive impacts on the native. 

Negative traits of Ketu in Libra

Ketu in Libra is not considered an auspicious placement and gives negative impacts on the native. Your dependence on your family represents a lack of individuality due to this placement. You might also have an unstable and fluctuating composition of mind. Though being generous at heart, you sometimes can’t follow that because of your inability to take decisions. 

Due to the placement of Ketu in Libra, you might suffer from problems related to kidneys or intestines. You might also be facing danger from your partner or friends. Drugs or medicine are also dangerous for you in this placement. Your marriage life can go through some serious problems. Your spouse might become the reason for your loss. With Ketu in Libra, you tend to change friends many times and that goes for your profession too. 

This placement indicates humiliation for the native. You might be in a friendship with the wrong people. However, you will be very social. This placement can also give you a short temper. You might also suffer losses in your professional life. Ketu in Libra can trouble you in the lower part of the abdomen. Internal sexual problems can also be caused. You are likely to go through skin-related problems.

The effect of Ketu in Libra can cause mental stress or problems to the native. You can also suffer from fatal accidents. Problems related to your bowel will be of major concern for you. This placement can also cause unhappiness in your married life. Due to your bad conduct, you can lose your potency. Your partner can also be a wicked person. You have strong sexual desires but you will not be able to enjoy them. 


Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, and Ketu has friendly relations with Venus. The placement of Ketu in Libra has both positive and negative effects on the native. Despite being friendly with Venus, this placement has more negative effects than positive effects on the native. You will become dependent on your family under this placement and this also represents a lack of individuality. 

Due to this placement, you are likely to suffer from problems mostly related to your stomach and the lower part of the abdomen. Be it indigestion issues or constipation, there will be negative effects on your digestive system. You are also likely to see disputes and unhappiness in your married life. You have very strong sexual fantasies but enjoying them is not a chance under this placement. The positive effect of this placement is that you will have strong managerial skills and great at public dealing. 

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