Jump your curiosity gap and turn your haters green with Emerald

When we talk about the colour green there are many fictional characters from the movies and comics that come to our mind, you can think of the incredible hulk or Loki, even the house Slytherin from Harry Potter comes to mind. The Disney fans could think about the poisoned apple from the snow white and the seven dwarfs. Green is associated with malicious elements in pop culture. In times like these people forget that green is also the colour of nature and life. Green gives life and is soothing to the eyes. The Gemstone that is green in colour is emerald and this stone shows all the positive effects of this colour.  

The Emerald stone is well known for its healing qualities. Emerald is often called the “Budh Ratna” as it is associated with the planet Mercury or Budh in Hindi. You must wear the emerald stone as a necklace or a ring if mercury is in your favour. Wearing this gemstone will ensure that mercury supports you more and is in your favour. Emerald is used for several reasons, let’s explore them.

Using emerald for high wisdom

The lord of the emerald stone is mercury. This planet also guides the intellect level a person has. At times many students do not get the desired results even after studying hard. This may happen as their mercury is weak. Such students should wear emerald which will help them to focus more and get better results.

Using emerald for creativity

The quality of thinking out of the box is possessed by only a few people. To have success in all spectrums of life, you need to be a creative individual. According to Vedic astrologers, this green gemstone helps a person to be more creative. If you are a writer, artist or in any other creative field, wearing emerald will help you explore new creative outlets.

Using emerald for finances

The colour green also symbolises money. For better financial standing in your life, a person must adorn this green gemstone according to the Vedic sciences. Emerald can highly affect the prosperity of a person. Many people wear this special stone to find their peak of monetary success in life. This stone brings in the cash in the right way and also increases the respect in his or her peers. It is common for astrologers to suggest wearing the stone to people who work in the sectors that are directly related to cash flow. These can be banking, share market, textiles etc. many fields that are indirectly related to the cash flow are also benefitted by emerald. These can be information technology professionals, doctors and many more. This trinket also helps the people who wish for higher education in these sectors or pursue research.

Using emerald for communication

This is one very underrated and lesser-known benefit of wearing the emerald. Not only this stone can make you look good, but it can also help you sound good too. This stone is said to be the “Vaani Karka” this ins English roughly translates to “value of speech”. Wearing this gemstone will make you a highly eloquent speaker and this quality helps every wake of life. The astrologers suggest the politicians, salespeople, entrepreneurs wear this gemstone because this gemstone helps them to own their innate sense of confidence that they were not able to show to the world before.

Using emerald for popularity

Emeralds can bring name and fame like no other gemstones can. This is seen from the ancient times when many kings and queens liked to wear emeralds. It is said that Queen Cleopatra had a large set of emeralds in her collection and we all know who she is even centuries later. This stone is now suggested to politicians and actors that are struggling to gain success in their field of work.

Using emerald for finding true love

Emeralds are the stone of love. They are associated with May and this month is ruled by the planet Venus who is the goddess of love. This connection makes the gemstones desirable for the people who are in search of their one true love. Astrologers have been suggesting this gemstone to people who wish to marry soon. This stone also helps people to get rid of dark memories of the past and start fresh

Emerald has many benefits and can help the wearer in all the spectrums of life. You can wear this gemstone as a ring or a necklace. Which wearing it the cut and the carat also matter so it will be best if you ask your astrologer first before buying it.

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