Money is a medium of exchange of goods and services and one of the chief reasons for one’s abundance. It is vital for buying food, housing, comfort, and luxury. Astrology can be used to relate the movements of the celestial bodies with the financial markets and business. There are times when despite tremendous efforts, we are unable to get out of money issues and find solutions to improve it. So, this field proves to be a boon for improving financial conditions and thus leading a better life.



There are several techniques for improving one’s financial conditions in light of astrology. Some of the common and widespread procedures are described below.


  • Through astrological predictions, it is recommended to place the cash cupboard or the locker in the south wall or the southwest direction with certifying that the face of the locker or cash cupboard in the north direction, where the lord of wealth resides.
  • It is believed that earning money through false methods never lasts long and is never beneficial and fruitful. Thus, you should stay away from such practices and always earn through hard work and rightfully.
  • Generosity is another method of attracting more wealth towards your path. It attains the divine, spiritual sanctifications in your savings and incomes and thus safeguards the fact that you never run out of money and you are blessed with abundance and copiousness. Donating while adorning white clothes attracts the blessings of the Goddess Laxmi and thus ensures prosperity. These acts impress the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi, and she showers her blessings of prosperity for such acts. However, there must be a balance maintained in generosity too, as the excess of anything is immoral and giving too less will not summon blessings.
  • One of the simplest and astrologically logical techniques for attracting assets is by placing a mirror in the money cupboard or the locker. The physical reflection of the cash and assets will create a constructive aura that will boost your income and savings.
  • There is a simple ideology one should inculcate in life. Nothing should be taken or offered for free and there should be always a value attached to the service you offer, be it in the form of another return service or in monetary terms.
  • By placing the God of wealth in a piece of red cloth, Lord Kuber Yantra in your worship room or in the temple you go for chanting prayers and worshipping improves your wealth. Invoke the blessings of Lord Kuber on a daily basis to see an improvement in your finances.
  • If you are suffering from constant losses in your business, debts, loans and financial turmoil, astrology recommends you feed green cows every Wednesday to reverse your difficult financial situations.
  • Keep at bay all the objects that as associated with negativity, for instance, cracked pots, tattered plates, and dishes or any kind of broken utensil or vessel. These are believed to be ominous and gloomy substances that bring in destructive energy leading to money issues and financial barricades.
  • To impress the Goddess of wealth and summon her blessings, one can offer water to Lord Vishnu through the southern opening of a conch shell. Performing this ritual every Friday sanctifies one with immense wealth and assets.
  • It is believed that implanting Tulsi plants and illuminate the planted area by lightning a ghee Diya. Practicing this ceremonial will attract the Goddess Laxmi into your sacred space and you are consecrated with immense abundance as you impress the Goddess of wealth.
  • Another astrological technique recommended procedure is to bath, pray and seek the heavenly benedictions of the Goddess of wealth and continuing by applying a tilak of saffron on your forehead on a daily basis.
  • Another simple astrological remedy for improving the standard of life acclaims a certain ritual in which the senior-most lady of the household pours a jug or a tub of water on the main entrance of the abode to call for the blessings of Goddess Laxmi and thus attract the energy signatures of prosperity and wealth.
  • Feeding three unmarried girls on any Friday of each month is another charitable and virtuous process which can be escorted by providing yellow colored clothes and donating money. This ritual surely wins the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and blesses your home with wealth and abundance.

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