Speaking in terms of millennial lingo nowadays, let us ask you Netflix and chill kinda question, that have you ever obsessed over a show? Well, before you guys answer that let us tell you that we are going to judge you big time if you guys haven’t seen the greatest sitcom ever, Friends. Friends are like a show which caters to all the generations and from our parents to our friends all of them have a lovely time watching and rewatching the show in leisure hours.  

Speaking of such a popular show, it is quite obvious that we all being tend to relate every character to our personalities, and that is what we are here to highlight today in this session. So, have you ever thought that which friends character are you according to your zodiac?

Well, if not then we are here with an interesting match of zodiacs to the respective friend’s characters. Have a look at the few main characters and their fellow zodiac.  



Well, now we know that all the friend’s characters are the extreme favorites for everyone who is a fan of the show, but one of those characters which we all remember because of their extremely noticeable traits is Monica.  

As per her perfectionist, caring, and organizational skills she resembles the character of a Virgo zodiac. Virgos are high maintenance and they like things to be done in a certain way just like our Monica. But that’s not something bad I guess as chandler says that he likes maintaining her, remember?  



Oh wow!! This one is definitely a super appropriate observation as according to the personality traits of the Diva of Friends Libra is the zodiac which totally suits her. As Libras are the perfect guide into exotic and luxury shopping, moreover they are extremely hot and sassy which basically describes Rachel and her personality in a nutshell.  

Libras, just like Rachel, struggle to stand up for themselves and are busy maintaining their personality (personality=wardrobe). So, Rachel is for sure a libra as she has the appropriate flintiness to be one.  



Now this ‘We Were On A Break’ character is definitely a close one to all our hearts and he was like a hopeless romantic, psycho boyfriend, logical and planned kinda character in the show. And as per these traits, he definitely belongs to the Taurus family, as the Taurus zodiac hates changes in a plan and they lose their calm when that happens.

The best ever example for that will be ‘the one where nobody’s ready’ episode.  Moreover, we’ve seen Ross being a psycho boyfriend to Rachel with all his jealousy and he is also a hopeless romantic, I mean com’on 3 weddings? Of course, he’s a hopeless romantic!! So, all these traits of Ross contribute to a Taurus personality. 



How you doin? Got carried away right? Well, that’s the charm of this dialogue by Joey Tribbiani. His character is that of a warm, flirty, and generous dumb kinda guy who loves his friends unconditionally, but loves the girls a little more than that. As per Joey’s optimistic character, he resembles the Leo zodiac and this is because of his nature of attracting people towards his charm and his aura.

Leos are the best people in terms of attracting attention and especially female attention, moreover just like Leo friends are always the number one priority for them.  



Hello to Mr.Funny Bones, Chandler Bing and his appearance in the show is like a humorous statement and all the pun-intended jokes in the show are on all on him. Well, his character can easily be compared to that of a Gemini as even the Geminis are fond of cracking jokes and they also have a common habit of hiding their insecurities through sarcasm just like Mr. Bing.  



Last but not the least, the quirky and chirpy gang member Phoebe Buffay, she is one of the most mysterious and out of the box character. While speaking of out of the box, the only zodiac that comes to mind is Aquarius.

Phoebe has a lot of aquarian traits as she is a very optimistic, emotional, and crazy kinda girl in the show. Moreover, her character is like the one who never follows traditions and is always up to something fishy, which exactly describes an Aquarius.  


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