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It is very there that you might have figured out the real meaning of your life. If you are a person who is trying to figure out what should be the real meaning of your life what is that one reason because of which you should get up having the same amount of energy towards doing that having the same enthusiasm as you did when you started doing it. You do not have to worry if you have not figured it out because this article will help you find a perfect career, something that you will honestly enjoy doing and not do just because society wants you to do. By the end of this article, you will be having a very good amount of knowledge on the concept of Ikigai which is a Japanese phenomenon.

There is not any direct translation of that word in English, but you just need to know that after understanding what Ikigai means you can effortlessly choose the right career path for yourself. 

Ikigai will help you have a successful career  

Before you start scrutinizing your quotidian activities it is very about that you understand one reason behind you being alive. It is extremely brutal to think in this way but if you start thinking in this way the process of finding the real motive of your life becomes easier. To make the most out of Ikigai you need to understand what you love something that you love doing something that does not need any other benefits for it to be done. Another was you might be a person who likes singing so now the fact that you like singing just does not conclude work come under the category about what you love because you might love single. After all, it pays you well or you might have some another reason behind singing so you must find an activity that you will do if you are never paid for doing it so this way would be a very easy and quick way to remove all the unnecessary options and possibilities that may hinder your progress.   

Find a skill that you are good at something that you can be paid for  

Ikigai is all about the intersection of 4 different aspects. Now that you have already understood the real meaning behind what you love and how you should move ahead and finding an activity that you genuinely love you should also understand that you must consider the parameter of your skills or a parameter that will help you in understanding the skills that you are already good at, so you do not have to invest your time and energy in developing it. 

It does not stop here because after you’ve figured out something that you love something that you have a good amount of skills developed already it is also necessary for you to understand and figure out whether you can be paid for that because you might be enjoying a job that will not pay you a lot so ideally according to the concepts that are involved in Ikigai it would be a good choice to take that job or to make it as your career because you need to find an intersection between these 3 things and finally you have to remember a parameter that many people Neglect. 

The actions that you take now should benefit the world around you  

It is very easy to ask counts your decisions just by considering the 3 parameters that you have learned till now. You will not make a very bad decision if you just consider those 3 parameters that you have learned but you are going to miss out a lot if you do not consider this parameter of the contributions that your job is going to give to the world around you. You should never become a person who is extremely selfish about skills that he or she has developed moreover you should not boast about the amount that you earn. You need to understand the importance of the activities that you do and the effect that it has on the world around you at the same time you should also invest your energy activities that the world needs at the first place.

This does not mean that you should stop doing things that you are genuinely good at, but it is always a good idea to thin can introspect a little about the career that you have fixated on because if that is giving some value or adding value to the society around you, you are drastically improving the quality of your life as well as the people around you.   



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