Geminis are quite expressive with the words they speak and the wit they prefer to show to the world. They are a fusion of two personalities in the body of one. That is the reason you won’t understand exactly whom you are talking to. This zodiac is full of communication, they love to socialize and make sure to be ready for anything that is named as fun. But this is not the only side that a Gemini portrays. They can be thoughtful at the same time and that thoughtfulness makes them restless to take a certain decision for their life. They are always with a thirst for more to see. It might be because they are left to experience more than they already have.

The sign, Gemini, belonging to the Air element, also goes hand in hand with Libra and Aquarius. Gemini is ruled by the planet of Mercury. This planet is the mode that represents interaction, communication, movement and also conveying through writing. This zodiac has the tendency to feel that they are missing a part of their soul. This makes them search for friends in their colleagues, mentors and so on.


Geminis can change their mind in a moment of time. But to be honest, they hold an open mind no matter what and that excels them in anything that is artistic. They can turn out to be excellent journalists or talented writers. Being a versatile one, Gemini sticks to the wish to enjoy every surprise that the world has to offer to them. That never shrinks their thought process towards boredom. They make a choice to create something different while staying in this world. Geminis prefer to love others through the process of verbal communication or interaction through contact. They make sure to taste distinctive kind of lovers and then choose the one who makes them addictive for more of their attention. They always need happiness, excitement and at least someone whom they can talk to. They prefer to be faithful and treasure their soul for the one who is meant for them.


Geminis are fond of intellectual competitions. They prefer to experience love through the way, others communicate with them. Mental communication is more important for them than the physical one. That is why they do not get satisfied with the one and keeps on experimenting until they find their right match. Their right match would be their friend, lover or their family.

The one thing that Gemini hates is to go on with a mode that calls for repetition. That is what leads them to disappointments and makes them feel shallow or low within. They feel that they need to spread the information before someone else does that.


Geminis undoubtedly love people. They love to spend time with the person they feel comfortable with, irrespective of judgement or thoughts. They always search for the deep understanding that they tend to derive from others. If the words doesn’t sound promising to them. They lose interest soon. They derive inspiration from the people around them and it makes them feel relaxed and satisfied with the position they are on.

Family means life to a Gemini because they form the bond on the basis of the emotional and the spiritual level with them. Their expectation towards their family or partners tends to always stay high and that is why they make sure not to receive back any less that they give out. No matter what the situation be, they will always find a way to stick to two different places at the same time. 

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