Food That Matches Your Personality Based On Zodiac Sign

Did you know that there is a food item that matches your personality? It may sound weird, but wouldn’t it be fun to know? The different zodiac signs have different dominant personality traits which resemble one food item so let’s see whom do you resemble.


Pisces are like the combination of every trait so there is no better comparison than the Thali. It has everything right from the appetizer to the dessert; much like a Pisces and it has a certain royalty about it. The huge Thali filled with different types of food items is just so appealing and is a treat for your taste buds.


Aquarius looks simple but is actually very complex just like Masala Dosa, now this dish might look very plain but one bit into it and you will realize all the complex flavors it has. It is just as unpredictable as the Aquarius; you never know what new flavor you are going to get in the next bite.


Aries are known for their fiery personality and what better food item to compare you with than Grilled Chicken. The hot and red in color chicken resemble the basic nature of an Aries. Just like the Aries personality, it is the perfect combination of spices, bold seasonings and amazing flavors which is loved by all.


There is nothing that describes the comfort-loving Cancer better than Maggie, which is like the national comfort food. Feeling hungry? Maggie. Feeling sad? Maggie. Broke? Maggie. Stay over with friends? Maggie. Basically it is the answer to all your sudden hunger pangs.


Chicken Biryani has been the hype recently; everywhere you can see posts on Chicken Biryani. People are going ga ga over it, and why wouldn’t they, what is there that you won’t love about it. The flavorful rice and the marinated chicken is the perfect combination. So is a Capricorn, a perfect blend of their many qualities and so worth all the hype!


Leos have to be Chole Bhature, the perfect combination of soft bhatures and spicy flavorful Chole; they are made to satisfy us. It has a long list of ingredients, so it’s often considered very difficult, just like how Leos are perceived, but there is no one who can resist the charm of a Leo.



Gemini is the most adaptable sign of the zodiac just like the spicy Vada Pav. It has to be one of the most underrated snacks and deserves more credit. It is like the staple diet in Maharashtra and gradually ahs made a place in every Indian’s heart.


Libra is the zodiac sign which is loved by everyone, rarely you will find someone who doesn’t want to talk to a Libra, much like the all-time favorite Malai Kofta. It is both artistic and intriguing, something everyone loves and will never be afraid to order, because there is no way to spoil Malai Kofta.


So what food resembles the adventurous and daring Sagittarius, something really wild and can satisfy your food palette. Well, you guessed it right, its Pani Puri or Golgappa or Puchka. No matter what you call it, they are mini flavor bombs, they are sweet, salty, spicy, and tangy, and there is hardly any flavor profile that they don’t match.


A Scorpio has to be the Navratan Pulao, it is a flavorful blend of dry fruits, vegetables and rice, it has layers and layers of flavor and with every bite, and you get a new mysterious flavor. A Scorpio too has many layers, and you need to be patient to unfold all the layers, with every new layer you get to know a new trait about Scorpio.


Taurus is known for its dignified aura, much like the Rogan Josh, a delicacy present in India since the Mughal times. Just like the Rogan Josh, a Taurus is classy and sophisticated and has a certain majestic feeling about them. Now it may sound very intense, but the addition of cream brings a balance which is what a Taurus is all about.


Virgo is a very versatile sign, if they put their mind to it, they can do anything and they are loved by all. There aren’t any guesses as to which food do they resemble, its Paneer Butter Masala. The king of versatility, it is perfect for any occasion and is full of calcium (for the health-conscious Virgo!).

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