Everything You Need to Know about a Capricorn Woman: Traits & Characteristics

People who are born between December 22 and January 19 are usually considered to be Capricorns. The astrological sign, Capricorn is represented by a sea-goat, that indicates success, the power of imagination, creativity, and insights. Being an earth sign, Capricorns are people who are very practical and are always grounded in the reality. Considered as the most hardworking sign amongst all the zodiacs these individuals strive for what they imagine. They are always comfortable in a fixed setup and happiest when they can take the charge. Born as natural leaders they will always plan out everything beforehand to avoid any kind of chaos. Ruled by the planet Saturn that creates restrictions, these individuals to a certain extent restrict themselves to the laws of the society. This makes them compromise their freedom under certain circumstances.

Capricorn Woman Good Traits

If there is something one needs to learn from a Capricorn woman, that is going to be their sheer discipline. They are incredibly smart and hardworking. These individuals are very well aligned to their goals and are mostly self-sufficient. They are determined and are very capable of handling themselves. Capricorn women don’t rely on others to pamper or support them. They suffice in fulfilling their dreams at their potential and abilities.

A Capricorn woman is highly reliable and someone who can be depended on. They might not be the most romantic person, but when it comes to matters of love, they are very serious, genuine, and loyal to their partners. They are dedicated to their work, profession, career, and the person they are in love with. These individuals are incredibly strong and are always very supportive towards people who are in desperate need of their help. They are more than willing enough to help others in times of need. They love pampering others with materialistic pleasures and express their gratitude towards someone by showering them with gifts. Their strong sense of humor and witty jokes can amuse anyone who can vibe with their intellectuality.

Capricorn Woman Bad Traits

Ruled by the planet of restrictions, Saturn, Capricorns tend to limit themselves. These women can be distant and emotionless. Their over-analytical nature sometimes can be very annoying especially while dealing with sensitive or domestic matters. They set very high standards for their friends and family. This can sometimes be very disturbing and annoying as Capricorn woman tends to get upset if they are unable to match the standard they have set. They are unforgiving and stubborn if someone tries to wrong them. Capricorn women are their greatest critics as nothing seems to completely satisfy them. Their condescending nature can also put others off with them.

Capricorn Women in Love & Sex

Capricorn woman is extremely romantic, however, the only problem with them is that they are very hesitant. A Capricorn woman is generally old schooled and likes the romantic traditional affair. She is organized and is always desiring her beloved to vibe her in the same manner. Spontaneousness isn’t a cup of her tea as she finds it very difficult to simply go with the flow. Capricorn women generally take matters of love very slowly. It takes her enough time to finally let her guard down. She ends up spending a significant time analyzing a potential partner.

A Capricorn woman loves intimate and passionate sex. She is always willing to try out new positions and new things in bed. Her hidden passion comes onto the surface when she is really into someone and trusts them blindly. She can uncover the truth about someone’s personality very well and therefore, doesn’t linger around with people who she thinks are playing games with her.

Dating a Capricorn Woman

A Capricorn woman is very generous towards her partner. She is always considerate towards others’ problems. However, this doesn’t refrain her from setting high standards for her partner. She will consciously choose someone who can vibe with her. Her affiliation is towards people who are reserved about their personal life and very hard working. A Capricorn woman will like to splurge her money by gifting expensive gifts to her partner or will take them to a fancy date. They believe they have worked hard enough for it and want to feel proud of themselves.


Well-disciplined and strict Capricorn women are very loyal and dedicated towards their personal affairs. They know how to efficiently divide their time and give adequate attention to their love life, career, and domestic affairs.

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