Women and their mysterious nature traits are sure difficult to figure out, as they have a puzzling personality and in fact, every woman is kinda puzzled in their own self which makes them even more mysterious. But, not to worry as we are here to solve this mystery a little and help you figure out a little about a few women.

Speaking of mysterious women, then why not take up the most low key and sensitive characters of all times, the Cancer zodiac. Have a look at a few traits of cancer zodiacs:  



If a cancer woman loves you she will do everything in her power to support you in anything that you do. Cancer women have that motherly trait that they cannot see anyone they care about in pain or in a problem, they will do everything in their power to protect their loved ones.  

We know it very well that they care the most about their family and they love to be around them, so quite evidently they are extremely protective about their family first and then their friends and other acquaintances.  



Similar to protective cancer women are caring in nature. These women are really concerned about you and actually care about you. They want you to succeed in life and be there to appreciate you. Any person that they admire has a special place in their life, even though they don’t always show it but they’re always rooting for you and care about you.  

Cancer women are silent caregivers, as they are not very good at expressing their love and their care. And especially in terms of family, they can go to any extent to care for them and protect them. So, consider them 



If a cancer woman is with you she’s with you till the end. She may get angry at you or upset about something you did but she’ll never let you out of her life. She can be aggressive but that doesn’t mean she’s not loyal or doesn’t care about you, she’ll never think about letting you go. 

They tend to express their honesty and their loyalty through the course of love so, if you’re in a relationship with a cancer woman, then you’re quite lucky as she is never going to disappoint you with any sorts of dishonest behavior, consider yourself lucky and respect your woman.  



If a cancer woman is thinking something about you then she won’t hold her emotions in for a long time, she will say what she feels. Anything that’s going on in her mind will be open for the world to see. She cannot hide her feelings or control their actions, what she’s on the inside is what she is on the outside.

These women are quite outwardly about their emotions and their feelings so, even if they try they can’t help but portray their true feelings upfront.  



Since we know Cancer women are highly emotional and they have a deep sense of sensitivity in them so they tend to be extremely intuitive and they believe in their instincts more than on any judgments of practical lookouts.  

They have a brilliant psychic sense of analyzing another person’s thought process, it is easy for them to read out people and their minds using their superior emotional sensitivities.

So, if you’re thinking of dating a cancer woman then you might not try and hide your emotions from them as they will get to know about them anyway.  



Cancerians are usually generous and family-oriented kinda people who tend to pay more attention to their family and their personal life more than to their social life. Speaking of social life the cancer zodiac is nothing like a social butterfly and they do not have a huge friend circle to hang out with as they like to stay on a close-knit side in terms of relations.  

Cancer women tend to be a little on a back foot in terms of interacting, and they will only be comfortable and candid with the ones they’ve known for a while now. Otherwise, they do open up to new people easily and that is why they prefer staying on a lowkey side of life.  



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