Can Money Matters be Predicted through Astrology?

Astrology is a wonderful tool that can be used to ascertain prospects related to Love, Marriage, Career, even Money & Financial Prospects. It is a holistic tool that looks at every aspect of life with utmost detail after studying a person’s horoscope. People have many reasons to go to an Astrologer. They go to get their child’s Birth Kundali Prepared or for Kundali Milan, etc. In India, even the biggest businessmen and groups consult their trusted Astrologers before taking any major decision relating to finance and money. Hence, it is very much possible to ascertain life situations revolving around money. Whether it is an ancestral property dispute or you being unable to save money, everything can be looked at with Astrology to find out the root cause and also know the remedies which could be done at your behest.

If you are interested to know how one can find out his or her wealth prospects through Astrology, then this is the article for you! Read more to find out.

The Second House in your Horoscope represents Money in your life.

Through the ages in the Indian subcontinent, we have been hearing that one’s life is mainly guided by four pillars, each occupying a significant space in one’s life with a fixed duration. These four pillars are Dharma (Duty), Artha (Wealth), Kama (Pleasure & Fulfilment), and Moksha (Liberation). Today, we are talking about Artha or Wealth. Artha or Wealth ensures that we live well and all our materialistic desires are taken care of through it. The houses in Astrology represent basic components of life about family, children, marriage, wealth, etc. In Vedic Astrology, there are 12 houses in total. Hence, the second house in one’s horoscope is indicative of the wealth he or she will acquire in their life. The second house is also known as the Dhana Bhava. To know how strong or weak your Dhana Bhava is in Vedic Astrology, the astrologer will look at its Lord and whether it is amicable for your situation or not.

Artha Trikona

Astrologers not only look at the second house or Dhana Bhava of an individual but also studies the 6th, 10th, and 11th house of an individual. The 6th, 10th, and 11th houses together are known as Artha Trikona and hold tremendous importance to know one’s financial prosperity prospects through Vedic Astrology.

Money Astrology & Houses related to Money

The method of Astrology which is used to take a look at one’s financial situation is known as Money Astrology. In Money Astrology, the eye remains on Jupiter & Venus while studying a native’s horoscope as these two planets are indicators or karakas for wealth and prosperity.

The houses which are indicative of wealth and money are 2nd, 5th, 8th, 9th, and 11th. The second house as you already read above is called Dhana Bhava, indicative of the amount of income and how one earns his or her money. The 5th house is indicative of creative pursuits one may take, the talent he or she has, and intelligence in dealing with stocks, trading, etc. 5th house in Money Astrology is essentially indicative of one’s skill and expertise to earn money. The 8th house represents income that one may acquire through inheritance, ancestral property, etc. The 9th house deals with the matters of luck and fortune. And lastly, the 11th house deals with a large amount of money that an individual may gain or earn at once.

Planetary combinations which promise lots of wealth

Astrology is suggestive but is a personal affair for many as each individual’s horoscope is different from one another. But as a thumb rule, the planetary combination which is conducive for great wealth is when a native’s 2nd house is connected to the 11th house. The next powerful combination for a native in terms of great financial prosperity is when the 1st house is connected to the 2nd house. This combination is sure to create money.

To predict all these things, one must have a thorough knowledge of advanced astrological concepts and should not rely on the online Astrology software has sprung up in recent years. If you are genuinely going through a tumultuous time and would like to find out when your money situation will improve, you must consult an Astrologer. By studying your Kundali, the Astrologer will be able to tell some Vedic-Astro remedies that you could perform by yourself to improve your condition. You can even opt for the Reports related to Money & Finance on Trusted Teller’s website.

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