Astrological remedies to help cure you and your body

In today’s world it is pretty common to be affected by diseases, but what is even more important is finding a cure or remedy for them. There are many beneficial remedies, and some of them even include an astrological point of view to treat someone or yourself. In India, this treatment is quite popular and effective as well. Through astrology it is seen that planets actually play a very important role in shaping your future; every planet has an effect on your life.


Affect on the person if the planets and the stars are weak


Weak Sun

As one of the most important figures in astrology, the Sun is essential in your life. It is the light source of the Earth, and is considered the soul of the entire universe. If the Sun is in a favorable position for your sign, then you will automatically have a favourable effect on your job. It is also said that the Sun has a positive effect on a human’s brain. If by chance you have a weak sun that means you most probably have problems with your heart, eyes and head. Try taking the following measures to help solve the problem:

-Constantly chant prayers towards the Sun as to help improve the health of the Sun for your horoscope.

-Try to consume a glass of water with sugar before you start anything new such as your studies or career.

-Wearing the stone Ruby is considered a great antidote for a weak Sun.


Weak Mercury

This planet is responsible for the humor and wit in a person; if weakened can lead to problems. People who had a weak Mercury seemed to have troubles with their head and speech as well. Other than that, they also discovered that weak Mercury makes a person have hysteria and insomnia. The following are some steps one should take:

-Donate milk and rice to temples

-Avoid the colour green as much as you can

-Wear a stainless steel ring if you have one

-Try wearing a saffron tilak as well


Weak Saturn

Its influences and effects are felt by people with greater intensity and for a very long time frame when compared to other planets. Saturn is very considerate towards Venus, but shrewd towards Mercury. A favourable Saturn would represent a good long life for a person; a weak Saturn would result in terrible results for a person. If you have a weak Saturn, then you will experience issues like problems in legs and skin diseases. Some important steps to take must include:

-Helping blind people in any possible way that you can.

-Donate black lentil to poor people.

-Provide some footwear to people in need of them.

-Do not drink buffalo’s milk at all.


Some remedies to help strengthen your planet and star

How to strengthen the Sun to help you

-Have your dinner before sunset if possible

-Only use wooden furniture in your home

-Try to sit in the sunlight every single morning


How to strengthen the planet Mercury

-Perform the required rituals to please the planet Mercury, so you will likely experience fewer misfortunes in your life.

-Men and women can fast on Wednesdays; prevent any salt intake. This will strengthen the planet Mercury for both genders and their signs.

-Wear tourmaline or Emerald gemstones as a remedy to help prevent Mercury from weakening. Only do so after consultation from an astrologist otherwise side effects may include skin problems, etc for women and men.


Tips to help strengthen Saturn

-Use mustard oil for massages and to prepare food to help strengthen this planet.

-Keep your beard or hair long and neatly organized as well.

-Before you try to wear any gemstone, consult an experienced astrologist regarding your horoscope.

-Wearing sapphire gemstone will bring you prosperity, beauty, happiness, prosperity. It will also bring success to the financial growth and business.

-You can purchase gemstones for reasonable prices online as well, so make sure to find on that suits you well.


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