All You Need to Know About Rahu Chart

In Hindu mythology, there is an intriguing story that imprints the existence of Rahu. The myth speaks about Gods and Demons forming an alliance to churn out nectar from the depth of the ocean. Once the nectar was extracted it was served to the Gods, meanwhile, a Demon named Rahu disguised as god sat between Sun and Moon to consume the nectar and amass immortality. Once the two gods Sun and Moon grew their suspicion they went and complained to Vishnu, the outcome states that Vishnu took his Chakra (blade) and severed Rahu’s neck but the nectar was already down his throat so his detached head survived. Since then it is thought through that Rahu is vindictive towards Sun and Moon and every once he grasps and consumes them to avenge his death, this in return creates the Solar and Lunar Eclipse.

Now the narration clears who or what exactly Rahu is but the interrogation still remains what consequences it has on human life and how it is negative or malefic? If we examine carefully every planet is earmarked to a certain zodiac, for example, Mars is allocated to the sun-sign Aries but Rahu remains undesignated because of the shadow factor. Shadow generally embarks darkness and gloominess, away from light, if the malicious shadow of Rahu latches on a zodiac for a particular amount of timeline in their life it indicates confusion, emotional imbalance and in extreme cases depression. The negativity that comes along with this type of mental illness can result in loss.

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Rahu as a sign in the birth chart will always have dominating nature. It possesses authority over every aspect and also doesn’t like the interference of any other superior celestial being that is the reason why Rahu has a clash with Sun. It has extreme rebellious characteristics with qualities combined with mischief, deception, and secrecy. When points of secrecy are highlighted it is important to note that Rahu’s domain remains on the unknown parts of an individual so any dark side not revealed will come at the front in the Rahu chart. In simple language, this chart represents the dark side of an individual.

Rahu chart is a 360-degree axis where Rahu is symbolized by a dragon’s head and the rest of the body which is popularly known as Ketu is projected by the tail of the dragon. This placement of this on different planets irrespective of the two major celestial objects sun and moon. The different panels of the chart will determine predictions of lifelike personal life, monetary issues, work success, etc.  The placement of the dragon head on the planet will decide the dasha in that graha, in addition, the position of Ketu can also refer to a lot of changes and premonitions coming about, reading a Rahu chart and understanding its readings can be a little complicated and it is recommended to place it in the hands of astrological experts because of a misconception in the reading can result in taking the wrong precaution which can backfire on that person.

The placement of Rahu generally influences the planet associated with a particular zodiac or sun-sign and this positioning changes the markings which defect one’s future endeavors. Sightings of Rahu in astrological readings, in general, are considered malice but the worst form is the witness of Rahu is Rahu Dasa. Rahu Dasa is when the malicious induce of Rahu is latched on an individual for eighteen years. Rahu itself personifies excessive hunger, so greed is a dominant-negative trait during Rahu Dasa and giving in to the temptations of greed can bring about many destructive instances in the workspace specifically. When we talk about Rahu Dasha it is also important to discuss the most extreme unfavorable timeline also known as Rahu mahadasa, this stage stays for a short span of time, like six months or once a year and this duration is marked as the dark point of Rahu where people reach the extreme end state of their being. There are many consequences that follow once an individual is affected by Rahu Dasa one of the biggest conditions is extreme mental health issues the worse being depression and constant obsession leading to destruction.

For example: When in the chart the dragon head points to the fiery first sign Aries. With the element Fire and the planet allocated Mars the Relations of Aries with Rahu is particularly rare. According to the renowned Vedic culture and astrology, Rahu being interlinked with Aries has both positive and negative effects, the reasons are self-explanatory, because of being earmarked to Mars the sign resemblances fire while Rahu is an air planet considering it doesn’t have a solid figure, hence the outcome is contradicting , physics states wind aerates fire and creates extreme ignition similarly when Mars comes under the impact of Rahu it can easily result in severe aggression and anger followed by chains of impulsive decisions that can have a huge negative consequences.

When sighted in the chart it is imperative to know that Rahu is not always negative there are ways to turn Rahu to positive. Rahu usually comes along with a strong determinant so if this intensity could be nurtured in a positive space the effect of Rahu can be turned constructive. For example, You are very ambitious about a position in your job and lately, you have been feeling an uncanny amount of strong initiation to get to that place this can be a performance of Rahu in your astrological readings and this excessive desire can lead to utilization of an unfair mean but if you decide to stay rigid and able to your ground this negative force could be turned positive. Rahu brings about obstruction so praying to Ganesha can bring about an optimistic outcome. If it is suspected that a house is being backlashed by Rahu naming the house under the ancestor’s name and praying to them every morning can also work as a remedy. Hessonite also popularly known as Rahu gemstone can be worn to turn the adverse effect into something good, this is recommended to people who have a a glance at Rahu in the perusal of their birth chart. There is certain pessimism to be objected in one’s routine when afflicted by Rahu like sleeping late and waking up late, an increase in the consumption of alcohol, improving certain negative habits can also be considered a treatment for changing the course of Rahu.

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