Have you ever had a secret crush on someone? And if you have, did you ever blew up your chance by saying the wrong words? Well, if yes, then not to feel guilty about it as they are plenty like you out there who might have the actual understanding of what to say and what not to say.

I’m sure that you’re all gonna have a deep nostalgic high school vibe while you read on to this article about what can one say and what can not say in front of their supposed love interest.  

Well, for starters, we will help you by keeping the zodiac terms in mind and since we cannot take up all the zodiacs then let us take the one with a perfectionist streak, the Capricorns. The Capricorns are big-time perfectionists and you all must have that one person in your circle who likes things to be done in a certain way, and these friends are definitely the Capricorns.

We all know that as a matter of fact, the people who tend to be perfectionists don’t really like to be pointed out about a few things. So, that list of what ‘NOT’ to say is what we are here to provide you with.  

So, all the guys and girls out there, if you’re crushing over a Capricorn friend of yours then you might wanna be careful about what not say in front of them. here’s a list of a few pointers that might keep you from bashing your chance:  



Capricorns believe in a sense of self-respect and they also prefer to be with a person who has the ability to help themselves and not ask for it from others constantly.

Capricorns are quite loving and they have no issues in offering you all kinds of help and support, but demanding constant assistance might shoo them away from you for good.  

This is because Capricorns look for a self-independent and practical partner who do not have any issues in minding their own life troubles. So, don’t even try to act needy in front of them otherwise you might lose your chance buddy!!  



Capricorns might know quite well that they are the big-time perfectionist freaks, the ones who have the habit of patting the cushions the moment the guests are all set to leave. Yes, they are a little psycho on the perfection habit, but that does not mean you call them that.  

Capricorns do have a habit of comparing their success with others and thinking that they could’ve done better, as they believe in striving for the better until they are the best. All the above is true about them, but calling them perfectionists irritates them and if you’re trying to impress a Capricorn then make sure you don’t wake the beast by calling them perfect…. No, don’t say that!! 



Okay so, if you’re having a crush on a Capricorn and if you’re a thing of coming clean to them about your feelings, then let us stop you right there and then as they are not the biggest fans of this upfront attitude.

Many people love the upfront confession of feelings, but the Capricorns are just the opposite.  Telling them about your feelings all of a sudden might make them feel pressured and you also might lose your chance once and for all.

Capricorns take a little time to develop a certain form of adoration and belief in the steady process of falling in love with someone. So, if you’re crushing over a Capricorn then don’t just pound on them with your feelings, instead, wait for when the time are right and the moment is subtle.  



Which they totally are!! But you’re not allowed to say that to them! If you’re thinking of dating a Capricorn and you’re secretly crushing over them for a long time then you should know that they don’t like being called sarcastic.  

In their little world of their own, they believe that they are the most compassionate and gentle people (which is not true). So, you probably should not say that upfront to their face as you might lose a friend or a possible love interest.  


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