When the leaves hit by the gentle strokes of balmy breeze develop a change in colors, summer will soon start to dismiss and we will suddenly miss the pangs of summery heat that once warmed up our thirsty skin. As we head to the end of this revolutionary year, we prepare the most sought-after bucket list that we have never planned in the decades before. Virgo season persuades us to be up to date with the zodiac sign’s ever dying beauty and leaves an indication that there is so much beauty simmering the normalcy.  And only with the sound preparation, we may be able to harness the life’s unachieved goals. All these hopes heightening with a punch of structure needed to turn them into reality.

So, we welcome this magical Virgo season with our arms wide open with a head held high. Since, there are bigger dreams and tasks to fulfil, this is not a stand-up. The open wild skies will encounters planet Mars with its astonishing beauty, putting on duty retrograde on September 9, 2020. This marks for a long 6-month expedition that displays no signs of ending with this magical Virgo season. Now, talking about planet Jupiter which synonyms with sheer abundance and luck make its direct entry on 12th of September.  And perhaps the palm of tense facets backs the planets Pluto and Saturn. There is a bright side to this as well. The best news convey that in the 1st half leading the month, planet Mercury will be etched in our side, drastically.

Now, when the planet symbolizing the mind waves it’s course through Virgo until the month of September 5th, a great surge of comfort is found whereas the reign of ship is attained. We might swift fully sway along with our baggage of words, the immense power imbibed combined with optimistic confidence in order to communicate meritoriously, and the aptitude discerning narrative which is left better unsaid will dwindle. The impulsive filter of Virgo’s desirable strength as blustery forecasting weather will be sharply anticipated.


One planet which is known as the symbol of values and love, “Venus” has been inferred for it’s impactful movement through the zodiac Cancer.  This remains a gesture to extend our hearts in a good way and pour out immense empathy for other people. Apart from that, it is necessary to have a proper routine of self-care and those around us as well. The tables turn when the planet Venus makes its heady entrance into a fierce zodiac Leo on the eve of 6th September.  This is the time where we tend to become personal on the front. It is the perfect moment to intervene a connect with the glimpses of our confidence in a very gallant intention. Whatever we may let the dime slide during the planet Venus’ miraculous stay over in the middle of zodiac Cancer, happens to pass a cut-throat revolution even in the second time.




In case of planet Mercury, your mental health will swell deep into analytical spheres, whereas problem solving abilities would be quickly melted into a miracle. While, Virgo is seem connecting gently beside the planet Uranus, inferred to be innovative and revolutionary.  There will be a sudden surge in realization and overtaking extraterritorial thoughts until the day ends. On this day, you better lift up your writing skills and take the meditating knack forward.


This is a beautiful day where you will encounter full moon in the zodiac Pisces. It symbolizes intense emotions. Connection is vital to leverage your emotional quotient. This peculiar lunation is bound to strike tones of grounding and healing. In case of planet Mercury, it will spark a deep connection combined with Venus into Cancer as well as Saturn into Capricorn. This will ensure the encouragement of love, personal values and abundances of responsibilities. However, it becomes quite challenging to avoid conversations which boost a certain emotional feeling in it. Make sure you don’t neglect your feelings and discuss them openly. Planet Saturn has known to have a jarring influence. Later, it will attract clarity and vouch for major plans in order to step ahead. The working to do starts today!


Take the step today. Planet Mercury surges its course through its tyranny in zodiac Virgo, your mental health is sharply boosted. Mercury who is master at multitasking meets an eye with planet Saturn, you get a bewildering chance to patent your desirable goal into a concrete one. Try to blend in with the symbols that convey your dream goals and scratch it into muds of it.


Neptune meets Virgo! Once the hot and screeching sun encounters with mystic planet Neptune, it’s challenging to ignore the magical aura in air. When the planet, irrespective of it being an outer one encounters the scorching sun, things tend to become personal. A collective force will be felt which sounds individual and divine to our senses. The current air of Neptune is rather in mystic mood and once you dwell deep into it, unwillingly, it turns us into one consumer. It becomes quite simple to neglect your path’s view in the presence of ethereal forces surrounding you.


This is the best day of your life as it is filled with untold magic. The new moon in zodiac Virgo take a leap forward to start afresh in terms of health and basic routine of life. It is also bound to strike a trine beside Saturn with Capricorn.  Planet Saturn will act according to your mental needs. So think favourable! Your mind will attract what you sow and convey long effects. Your mind-set will rule this day. It is suggestible that you fill your thoughts with goodness of life and has an optimistic goal set.

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