Gemini Horoscope 2021

You are a person who is often misunderstood as a rebellious person just because you are very outspoken, and you do not usually gel amongst a group without knowing everyone in that group.

This personality trait is going to affect you if you let this personality trait come up a lot while you are in a conversation with a group because many people do not know what type of person you are, so it is your responsibility to have a very good first impression.

It is okay and perfectly fine to have your own opinion which can be different than the one many people have on something and it is completely true that you should not agree on everything with others but keep in mind that you must be polite with people around you while you express your disagreement on something Because you might end up hurting a lot without being aware of it.

Your opinion matters a lot to the people who are very close to you and the people who respect even appreciate your presence so you have to be very cautious before you speak something bad about they are habit or even if you try to give a suggestion you make sure that you drop it in a very subtle way and being a person who has a Zodiac sign of Gemini, it is going to be very difficult for you but for the coming to your make sure that you do not hurt someone who is very close to you because the amount of pain you might end up giving them is a lot more than you can ever imagine. 

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